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LADLeft Anterior Descending (anatomical location of coronary artery)
LADLos Angeles Dodgers (baseball team)
LADLife After Death (gaming clan; music album)
LADLanguage Acquisition Device (brain structure; Chomsky)
LADLeukocyte Adhesion Deficiency
LADLeast Absolute Deviation (estimation)
LADLeft Axis Deviation (EKG)
LADLight Aid Detachment
LADLatest Arrival Date
LADLaboratoire Suisse d'Analyse du Dopage
LADLegislative Audit Division (Montana)
LADLuanda, Angola - Fevereiro (Airport Code)
LADLatin America Division (Association of Rotational Molders)
LADLogistics Anchor Desk
LADLiquidated & Ascertained Damages
LADLocal Area Disk
LADLinger And Die (gaming clan)
LADLouisiana Association of the Deaf
LADLinear Application Development
LADLower Anterior Descending artery (graft)
LADLicense Application Design
LADLinear Amplitude Distortion
LADLiquid Agent Detector
LADLong Alcoholic Drink (Ireland and UK)
LADLaunch Assist Device
LADLight Armored Division
LADLaser Acquisition Device
LADLocation Aid Device
LADLocal Attack Detection
LADLogistics Automation Directorate
LADLogistics Assistance Directorate
LADLong Axis Diameter
LADLanding Assist Device
LADLabor Authorization Document
LADLaunch Area Defense
LADLaunch Area(s) Denied (Ballistic Missile Defense System)
LADLyn Aerospace & Defense (Melbourne, FL)
LADLeader Accreditation Department (La Leche League)
LADLimited Authorization Drawing
LADLearning Aim Database (UK)
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Table 1 shows how lymphadenopathy was distributed as seen in the predetermined zones on lateral CXR and sagittal MPR.
during laparotomy where lymphadenopathy was an unexpected finding, should be performed after diligent inspection to allow for most optimal sampling including, for example, retroperitoneal nodes.
et al: Kikuchi's disease: A benign cause of fever and cervical lymphadenopathy European Journal of Internal Medicine 16 (2005) 356-58.
The importance of our case is that it is the first report from Turkey in an Asian child, with no prominent pathological lymphadenopathy at physical exam, and who showed aseptic meningitis with good response to short term low dose steroid therapy.
Sinus histiocytosis with massive lymphadenopathy has remained a disorder of unknown etiology, and no characteristic cytogenetic or molecular abnormalities have been documented in the literature.
Prostate cancer with supraclavicular lymphadenopathy and bulky abdominal tumor.
Differentiation of lymphadenopathy in different forms of carcinoma with Doppler ultrasonigraphy.
At the emergency room, she had a temperature of 38 [degrees] C, tender submandibular lymphadenopathy, disorientation, and drowsiness, with intact strength and reflexes.
For example, one reference he cites repeatedly-as evidence that immune deficiency, candidiasis, lymphadenopathy and weight loss had been documented in heroin addicts pre-AIDS-is 1973 article by Pillari and Narus from the American Journal of Nursing.
Two of the children had focal lymphadenopathy (axillary and epitrochlear) on admission; cervical lymphadenopathy developed in the third child during hospitalization.