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Tomonori Tanaka, MD, and Kadori Ishida, MD, from Kindai University (Osaka, Japan) and Nagasaki University (Nagasaki, Japan), provide an update on rare idiopathic interstitial pneumonias, including lymphoid interstitial pneumonia and pleuroparenchymal fibroelastosis, and on rare histologic patterns such as acute fibrinous and organizing pneumonia and bronchiolocentric patterns of interstitial pneumonias.
The light microscopic findings seen in HP are by no means specific, having overlapping features with numerous diseases, including (but not limited to) sarcoidosis (particularly early sarcoidosis), berylliosis, lymphoid interstitial pneumonia (LIP), and low-grade lymphoma (particularly extranodal marginal zone lymphoma of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma), drug reactions, infections, aspiration, and conditions that have a UIP pattern and nonspecific interstitial pneumonia pattern.
The morphologic domain comprises features from 3 categories: (1) high-resolution computed tomography imaging patterns commonly found in patients with CTD-ILD, such as those with NSIP, organizing pneumonia, NSIP with organizing pneumonia, and lymphoid interstitial pneumonia; (2) histopathologic findings in an SLB that are highly associated with the presence of CTD, such as an NSIP pattern, organizing pneumonia pattern, lymphoid interstitial pneumonia pattern, the presence of interstitial lymphoid aggregates with germinal centers, and diffuse lymphoplasmacytic infiltration with or without lymphoid follicles; and (3) multicompartment involvement, which includes additional features evident on diagnostic imaging, histopathology, cardiac catheterization, or pulmonary function testing.
F G H I 1 Others Others Others Others 2 UIP UIP OP UIP 3 UIP NSIP NSIP NSIP 4 UIP OP NSIP Others 5 UIP Others UIP UIP 6 UIP NSIP UIP UIP 7 NSIP NSIP NSIP NSIP 8 OP NSIP UIP UIP 9 OP Others Others UIP 10 UIP Others Others RB 11 Others DAD Others RB 12 Others UIP UIP UIP 13 UIP NSIP NSIP Others 14 Others UIP UIP Others 15 Others NSIP NSIP DIP 16 RB Others DAD Others 17 OP UIP NSIP NSIP 18 UIP UIP UIP UIP 19 UIP UIP UIP UIP 20 NSIP OP NSIP OP Abbreviations: DAD, diffuse alveolar damage; DIP, desquamative interstitial pneumonia; NSIP, nonspecific interstitial pneumonia; OP, organizing pneumonia; Others, lymphoid interstitial pneumonia, bronchiolocentric patterns of interstitial pneumonia, and pleuroparenchymal fibroelastosis; RB, respiratory bronchiolitis; UIP, usual interstitial pneumonia.
However, presence of lymphoepithelial lesion in the lung is not diagnostic of MZL, as these lesions can be seen in other conditions, such as autoimmune disorders, HIV infections, follicular bronchiolitis, and lymphoid interstitial pneumonia. The neoplastic cells are morphologically described as showing a spectrum of monocytoid, centrocyte-like, or lymphoplasmacytic cytology and occasionally appearing as large transformed B lymphocytes.