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LSTLanding Ship, Tank
LSTList (File Name Extension)
LSTLocal Standard Time
LSTLow Surface Temperature (heating solutions)
LSTLocal Sidereal Time
LSTLand Surface Temperature
LSTLocal Solar Time
LSTLarge Space Telescope
LSTLocal Sales Tax
LSTLeit- und Sicherungstechnik (German)
LSTLarge Slow Target
LSTLaser Spot Tracker
LSTLife Support Technician
LSTLinux Support Team
LSTLaplace-Stieltjes Transform
LSTLayered Space-Time
LSTLogistics Support Team
LSTLaunceston, Tasmania, Australia - Launceston (Airport Code)
LSTLaacher See Tephra
LSTLaterally Spreading Tumor
LSTLimited Streamer Tube
LSTLine Station Transfer (telephony)
LSTLateral Spinothalamic Tract
LSTLow Solvent Technology
LSTLaunch Support Team (aerospace)
LSTLightweight Satellite Terminal
LSTLarge Scale Turbulence
LSTLAN Support Team (DFAS DoD)
LSTLavatory Servicing Truck (US Air Force)
LSTLarge Signal Theory
LSTLow-Speed Target
LSTLogistics Support Tracking
LSTLord's Spiritual & Temporal
LSTLibrary Support Team
LSTLaw School Transparency (Tennessee)
LSTLicence Skill Test (aviation)
LSTLutheran School of Theology (various locations)
LSTLife Skills Training (various organizations)
LSTLogistics Simulation Tool
LSTLightning Strikes Twice (gaming)
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Mice that received the lysate patch and IR light saw significant decreases in tumor volume for both tumors, though the tumor on the left (the one directly under the patch) shrank more.
Compared to those in the saline treatment subgroups, the levels of 5-HT in serum and platelet lysate statistically significantly increased in the GFS treatment subgroups of MI, depression, MI + depression groups (all P < 0.
Biochemical composition of each batch of lysate was determined by estimating total protein (Lowry, 1940) and carbohydrate (concentration Dubois et al.
Quantitative kinetic chromogenic (KCA) LAL method (Cambrex, Verviers, Belgium; Lysate lot no.
To further evaluate the glycosylation status of native SL, N-glycosidase digestion was performed using pituitary lysate.
008 g glucose, 1 g BSA) and then exposed for 30 min to 100 [micro]g/mL of cyanobacterial lysate and a 1:1,000 dilution of high-affinity IgE receptor (FceR1) in Tyrod's buffer.
GST pull-down or immunoprecipitated samples with 50 [micro]g proteins of appropriate lysates were electrophoresed on 8 and 12% SDS-PAGE gels for detection of BRCA1 and RAD51, TP53 proteins, respectively.
The reducing power of extracellular secretion was the highest cell lysate take the second place Antioxidative ability the most important organism member of defense sysetem is closely related with health.
Over expression lysates can provide a cost-effective option as assay standards in Western blot.
This led us to assume that the bacterial load of this clinical lysate was probably below the LOD of RT-RPA.
Tumor cell lysate immunization delayed the emergence of metastases but did not provide immunity against the tumor challenge.