mATPaseMyosin Adenosine Triphosphate
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1972), were classified as: slow-twitch oxidative (SO) fibers referring to those with strong acid mATPase reaction (slow-contraction muscle fibers), as well as intense SDH e NADH-TR reactions (high oxidative metabolism); fast-twitch oxydative glycolytic (FOG) fibers, which presented weak acid mATPase and intermediate SDH and NADH-TR reactions; and fast-twitch glycolytic (FG) fibers, i.
Both NADH-TR and SDH reactions were used in the methodology for typifying muscle fibers, while mATPase reaction after pre-incubation in acid pH was used to study their contraction character.
The fibre types have been identified by immunohistochemistry and histochemistry as follows: type I (MAb BA-F8+; mATPase dark), type IIA (MAb A4.
The midpoint of the muscle was cut into 12 [micro]m thick sections and the main fiber types and subtypes were delineated by the mATPase technique after preincubation at pH 4.