mCERTModified Controlled Effective Regrowth Time
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ACHIEVEMENT - team leader John Philp holds a level-two MCert qualification
When the mCert option is selected, a text message containing a link to a mobile web page is sent to the member's mobile phone.
The MCERT system is suitable for monitoring Turbidity in effluent discharges, river water and inlet protection applications in ranges from 0-50 to 0-500 FTU.
Aquamatic supplied an MCERTs certified Aquacell S320H wastewater sampler to take regular, accurate, automatic samples of the effluent from the DAF plant prior to its discharge from site.
In the case of discharges to water MCERTS provides a standard for organisations undertaking sampling and chemical testing of trade and other effluents.
In addition, MCERTS gives confidence to potential users that the instrument selected is robust and performs to the standards accepted by the Environment Agency (EA).
AES was one of the first laboratories in the UK to receive the Environment Agency's MCERTS accreditation for a range of soils analysis and this has led to the need to create additional space in the sample preparation area and the instrumentation laboratory.
QUANTITECH has announced that the Gasmet Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS II e) and the portable (DX4000) FTIR analysers have been awarded an MCERTS certificate demonstrating compliance with the MCERTS Performance Standards defined in EN 14181.
Set up to deliver quality environmental measurements, MCERTS provides for the product certification of instruments, the competency certification of personnel and the accreditation of laboratories and on-site inspection.
We believe that this instrument is now the only portable FTIR with MCERTS certification, and this is driving demand for both instrument rental and sales," says Dominic Duggan.
QUANTITECH has announced that the Sick 3006 portable VOC monitor has a new MCERTS certificate, valid to July 2019.