mCERTModified Controlled Effective Regrowth Time
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The MCERT system is suitable for monitoring Turbidity in effluent discharges, river water and inlet protection applications in ranges from 0-50 to 0-500 FTU.
ACHIEVEMENT - team leader John Philp holds a level-two MCert qualification
Now it will be essential that the operator only uses instruments that have been independently quality assured in accordance with MCERTS. In other words, they must be fit for purpose.
Visitors to MCERTS 2011 were introduced to new financial packages, which help to spread the cost of either renting or purchasing advanced environmental monitoring instrumentation.
This requires them to have their sites checked by an MCerts inspector and to undergo an audit of the Quality Management Systems (QMS) relating to their flow monitoring arrangements.
The Bernath 3006 is also extremely popular--a portable, MCERTS approved FID for the measurement of VOCs.
"We got involved with the instrumentation and automation trade association Gambica to develop a certification scheme for instruments used in emission monitoring and that became the MCERTS scheme, was harmonised with the German equivalent and standardised across Europe," Robinson says.
Aquamatic, leading UK manufacturer of automatic wastewater sampling equipment, have supplied an outdoor, temperature-controlled, MCERTs Certified wastewater sampler system to Patak's Foods, where it is being used to help monitor effective effluent treatment through Patak's recently installed Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) plant.
It is in the application of these elements, in addition to having an understanding of the requirements of monitoring and the competent personnel to carry out self-monitoring, where MCERTS is relevant and can ensure an optimum score.
In September 2004 the laboratory became one of the first in the UK to gain MCERTS accreditation for its testing of soils.