mCRMMobile Customer Relationship Management
MCRMMid-Continent Railway Museum (North Freedom, WI)
MCRMModified Continual Reassessment Method (drug dosage escalation scheme)
MCRMMcEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine (Canada)
MCRMMesoscale Convection Resolving Model (tropical cyclone research)
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Section 2 reviews past work related to multicast routing in MCRM WMNs.
The CA problem for minimizing the interference caused by adjacent-channel and co-channel is the key problem for MCRM WMNs.
2005], which, however, did not include client outcomes included here), expressed less disconnection from their English as a second language (ESL) middle-school clients, and their clients self-reported significantly higher persistence, satisfaction with services, well-being, and relationship scores than did other ESL clients whose counselors were observed to follow the MCRM less closely.
Innovation in the MCRM application market is on the upswing and as enterprise information drives the industry," states Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Swarna Pasupathi.
Founded in January 2005, Sennari offers an array of mCRM services, including PrizePlay, the first service to use the mCRM platform.
mCRM enabled applications, like PrizePlay, are designed to increase loyalty and revenue potential by enabling all forms of consumer relationships within mobile content applications, including auto user registration, in-app transactions such as pay per use, loyalty points and subscriptions, real-time events and promotions, customer interaction, friend based referral programs, opt-in marketing and SMS campaigns.
PrizePlay, the first service to use the mCRM platform, continues to be a commercial success with new distribution partners being added almost weekly.
Sennari's first mCRM service, PrizePlay, launched in 2005.
Built on Sennari's mCRM platform, PrizePlay skill-based games require level of skill (versus chance) to determine the outcome of the game.