mDAPMeso-Diaminopimelic Acid (bacteriology)
mDAPMajor Defense Acquisition Program (US DoD)
mDAPMutual Defense Assistance Program
mDAPMysteries of the Divine Apprenticeship Program (Witches Collective)
mDAPMental Disability Advocacy Program
mDAPMulti Directory Access Protocol (multicast request)
mDAPMean Distal Aortic Pressure
mDAPMultiple-Direction Amplitude Panning (electronics)
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Chain extender (MDAP) was dissolved in DMF (about 10% by weight), introduced into the addition funnel and added dropwise into the reaction mixture until the complete disappearance of the strong isocyanate peak at 2,260 [cm.sup.-1].
Of the 36 MDAP DoD aircraft programs in the database, 32 (or approximately 89%) had their four intermediate gateways (CDR, FF, DT&E, and IOC) occur in this customary progression.
Si bien en nuestro caso, y de manera similar al estudio de Ambrey & Fleming (2014), la ausencia de instrumentos adecuados dentro de la base de datos nos impide dar un tratamiento satisfactorio a este problema, la revision anterior sugiere que el valor estimado en estudio es razonable, con lo cual no habrian de esperarse cambios sustanciales en las MDAP aca presentadas.
In addition to these major programs, as the Deputy BFM he is also responsible for overseeing the Integrated Defense Electronic Countermeasures (IDECM) program, a third MDAP program managed by the PMA, which has a TOA in excess of $4.1 billion across the FYDP.
GAO is making 11 recommendations intended to strengthen actions DOD has taken to begin improving its ability to identify, aggregate, and account for the cost of military equipment acquired through MDAPs. Specifically, our recommendations focused on the need to define departmentwide cost accounting requirements and develop the process and system capabilities needed to support cost accounting and management.
(2) MDAP (Major Defense Acquisition Program) -Defined in 10 USC [section] 2430 as a "Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition program that is not a highly sensitive classified program (as determined by the Secretary of Defense) and that is designated by the Secretary of Defense as a major defense acquisition program, or that is estimated by the Secretary of Defense to require an eventual total expenditure for research, development, test, and evaluation of more than $365,000,000 (updated to FY 2000 constant dollars) or an eventual total expenditure for procurement of more than $2,190,000,000 (updated to FY 2000 constant dollars)" [Under Secretary of Defense Acquisition ...
visibility into MDAP cost growth and improve the reliability of the data
(43.) Hist, 7351st Flying Training Wing (MDAP), January l-June 30, 1956, pp.
(Title 40 of the United States Code formerly Division E of the Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996 for Major Automated Information Systems (MATS) and Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAP) in the Department of Defense.)
El centro de la metodologia gira en torno al adecuado diseno del cuestionario a ser aplicado, de modo que permita obtener satisfactoriamente la Maxima Disponibilidad a Pagar (MDAP) del entrevistado para que se realice el proyecto.
Esta valoracion se puede medir como la maxima disposicion a pagar (Mdap) o la minima disposicion a recibir compensacion (Mdac) por los cambios en la calidad.
A commonly used metric for part wait in the semiconductor industry is "mean down awaiting part" (MDAP) which measures average lost production time attributable to parts across all equipment in a lab as a percentage of total available machine time.