MK8Mario Kart 8 (gaming)
MK8Mouse Keratin 8
References in periodicals archive ?, an automotive news magazine, has revealed details of the new Volkswagen Golf Mk8 from spy shots.
This unique flexible concept ensures that the MK8 card operates using optimum settings for a given material, while delivering ultimate quality with maximum fiber yield time after time.
The interior of this MK8 model Passat follows the design principals of the exterior - simple but elegant
The service for former Oxford trainer Maurice Massey will take place at Oxford Crematorium, Bayswater Road, Headington, Oxford OX3 9RZ on Monday, December 1 at 3pm, while that of ex-Wembley man Wally Ginzel is on Friday, December 5 at 2pm at Crownhill Crematorium, Dansteed Way, Crownhill, Milton Keynes MK8 0AH.
As usual, you can fling turtle shells and banana peels at competitors; "MK8'' adds a boomerang, a piranha plant and a "super horn'' you can use to deflect shells hurtling your way.
A avaliacao respiratoria foi composta pela mensuracao da Pressao Inspiratoria Maxima (PiMax) [14] e Pressao Expiratoria Maxima (PeMax) [14], com a utilizacao de um manovacuometro Imebras 150, alem da medida de Capacidade Vital (C.V.) [15], para a qual foi utilizado o ventilometro Ferraris Wright MK8 e a medida do Pico de Fluxo Tosse (P.F.T.) [15], para o qual foi utilizado o Peak Flow Harlow Airmed CM 20 2 TT.
The MK8 can be turned in either direction, making the best illumination quicker to access.
National Badminton Centre, Loughton Lodge, Milton Keynes MK8 9LA
En 1994 el sistema fue actualizado con un speedometer MK7 y en abril de 2006 por un speedometer MK8. Actualmente, la estacion NNA esta certificada como una estacion auxiliar del IMS/CTBTO [1].
A three-strong crew from a Lynx Mk8 helicopter will visit Fyndoune Community College in Sacriston, County Durham, and Prudhoe Community High School in Northumberland to encourage youngsters to consider a career with the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.
At its Coventry base, Remotec UK Ltd makes the Wheelbarrow Mk8 robot which is used by the country's bomb disposal teams.