mLDLModified Low-Density Lipoprotein (antibodies)
mLDLMode-Locked Diode Laser
mLDLMy Long-Distance Lover
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mLDL was prepared by diluting low-density lipoprotein (Calbiochem; La Jolla, CA, USA) in phosphate buffered saline (PBS) and incubating with 10 [micro]M Cu[Cl.sub.2] at 37[degrees]C for 24 h [29, 30].
Cells were exposed to either 100 [micro]g/ml AGE or 500 [micro]g/ml mLDL with or without 100 [micro]M UDCA dissolved in DMSO.
Briefly, human retinal pericytes were plated on 24-well plates and exposed to either 100 [micro]g/ml AGE for 24 h or 500 [micro]g/ml mLDL for 12 h in 500 [micro]l medium, followed by 1 [micro]l of 1 [micro]g/ml PI dissolved in distilled water for 5 min at 37[degrees]C.
EM:51 Helga Franke G, N:149 MLDL Estudio Heemann U, Kohnle M, H:92 BSI observacional Luetkes P, Mae-hner M:57 K-22 descriptivo.
The rating continues to derive strength from MLDL's favourable capital structure, significant cash balance and liquid investments, the strong parentage of Mahindra & Mahindra Limited (rated LAA+(stable)/A1+ by ICRA) and MLDL's established track record in the real estate markets of Mumbai, National Capital Region (NCR), Chennai and Pune.
The positives are partly offset by the nascent stage of development of several industrial parks/SEZ projects being executed by MLDL's subsidiary companies that may warrant funding support from MLDL and uncertainty over the continuation of tax benefits for new units operating out of such SEZs.
Incorporated in December 2001, MLDL is the real estate and infrastructure development subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra Limited (M&M).
In consideration of the balance 40% stake in the Property, the firm will issue its common stock to MLDL.
Mahindra Group's property and infrastructure development arm, Mahindra Lifespace Developers Limited (MLDL), has declared its unaudited financial results for the first quarter of of financial year 2013-14.
MLDL's Consolidated Total Income for Q1FY14 amounts to Rs.183.06 crores, up by 44%, versus Rs.127.50 crores in Q1FY13.
(MLDL), the real estate development division of Mahindra Group, has reported growth of 72% in net profit to Rs 29 crore for the quarter ended June 30, 2012.
In Q1, MLDL purchased two land parcels, one outright and the other through a joint development deal.