MTCRMissile Technology Control Regime
MTCRMonoclonal T-Cell Receptor
MTCRMurine T Cell Receptor
MTCRMaximal Tubular Calcium Reabsorption
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In order to restrain the unmanned delivery systems for nuclear weapons, MTCR was established in April 1987, to restrict the member states from exporting the ballistic missiles related technology together with their delivery systems.
Yousef: Here is the CNAS proposal for a project analysing the potential benefits and costs of the UAE joining the MTCR, as we discussed," she wrote.
Earlier the range of Brahmos cruise missile was below the threshold of MTCR, however the caps on range were removed after gaining the membership to MTCR and recently India tested the extended range version of Brahmos supersonic cruise missile to hit enemy's targets beyond 400 kms.
Since 1987, 28 additional countries have joined the Regime, and many other countries have adopted export controls consistent with the MTCR standards.
A country's non-proliferation record is one of the key criteria to join MTCR.
NSG is not like MTCR or Wassenaar Arrangement and Australia group.
dtl/26953/India_joins_Missile_Technology_Control_Regime) In a statement , the Indian Ministry of External Affairs thanked all the member countries, Ambassador Piet de Klerk of Netherlands and Robert Steinmetz of Luxembourg and co-chairs of the MTCR, for facilitating India's accession to the regime.
The MTCR is based on the premise that foreign acquisition or development of delivery systems can be delayed and made more difficult and expensive if major producers restrict exports.
What is happening now is that at the multilateral level, all these countries are talking about revising the MTCR to split out unmanned vehicles into categories" from missiles, McClafferty said.
In June, senior US non-proliferation official Vann Van Diepen said the standards of the MTCR — an informal club of 34 largely Western countries — had to be balanced against members' "legitimate defence requirements".
An informal and voluntary regime, the purpose of the MTCR is to restrict the proliferation of missiles, rocket systems, unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) and related technology which may be used as WMDs.
This endorsement will further boost India's chances of gaining entry into non-proliferation regimes like the NSG and MTCR after the US had announced it would consult other members to encourage the evolution of membership criteria for India.