MTEEMinistry to Eastern Europe (Christianity)
MTEEMaster in Tourism and Environmental Economics (graduate degree program; various universities)
MTEEMeasured Total Energy Expenditure
MTEEMission to Early Earth (US NASA Astrobiology Institute)
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Total energy intake was compared to energy requirements (mTEE and pTEE) to assess the energy balance.
mTEE was significantly higher (mean difference 423 kcal, IQR -289; +776 kcal) than mean daily energy intake (P = 0047), but pTEE was not.
(11.) Mtee: WanAkpetyo tule iyouv angahar / Mrumun: Tule Tule /Mtee: Kume atsaka kpa ya zwa na.
(13.) Mtee: Kuhan yam ne oo o; / M kuha ikyoho imiom o!
(14.) Mtee: Nande-ityo oo / Nande-ityo wam aa!/Mrumun: Nande ityo oo / Nande iyo kpekpe!/Mtee: Akile za too nande ityou ne ve / Mrumun: Nande ityou kpekpe!
The planning phase of the workshop centered primarily on two of the mathematics teacher educators (MTE), Tami and Alex, and a mathematics teacher educator's educator (MTEE), Keren.