mTP1Mouse Transition Protein 1 (genetics)
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Previously, it was shown that MTP1 of poplar forms oligomers when expressed in yeast as well as in planta (Blaudez et al.
At the same time as a control, AhMTP1-A2 was also co-expressed with another gene involved in Zn tolerance but not showing sequence similarity to MTP1, AhPDF1.
Thus, our work points to the requisite that when developing Zn biofortification approach for cereals using AhMTP1, compatibility between exogenous and endogenous MTP1 of cereals must be checked.
Arabidopsis thaliana MTP1 is a Zn transporter in the vacuolar membrane, which mediates Zn detoxification and drives leaf Zn accumulation.
Two genes encoding Arabidopsis halleri MTP1 metal transport proteins co- segregate with zinc tolerance and account for high MTP1 transcript levels.
However, oligomer formation has been shown to be possible for MTP1s which could be a limiting step for successfully manipulating their expression in cereals.
To test vibrotactile sensitivity of the subjects, we used a 128 Hz tuning fork positioned at MTP1 [23].
The vibrating insoles consisted of a cork sole with three built-in piezoelectric elements (piezo element EPZ35MS29, 35 mm diameter, Karl/Heinz Mauz GMBH; Ostfildern, Germany) at MTP1, MTP5, and the heel; the sole was covered with a thin leather layer.
07/10 g SWM Heel, % (n) 12 (2) 22 (4) Thinnest Detected SWM 1st Toe (g), Median (range) 60 (6-xx) 60 (6-xx) Thinnest Detected SWM MTP1 (g), Median (range) 100 (15-xx) 60 (10-xx) Thinnest Detected SWM MTP5 (g), Median (range) 60 (6-300) 26 (10-xx) Thinnest Detected SWM Heel (g), Median (range) 60 (8-xx) 26 (2-xx) Correctly Reported 128 Hz Tuning Fork MTP1, % (n) 24 (4) 12 (2) Vibration Amplitude (V), Median (range) 120 (42-120) 120 (42-120) Variable Nondisabled (n = 15) Age (yr), Mean [+ or -] SD 51.