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* 4 #6-32 x 3/4" machine screws and nuts (Home Depot) * 8 #6 washers (Home Depot) * 1 piece white cardboard.
Drill holes for screws in the other end of the bar, slide the brass bushing onto the machine screw, slide on the bar and attach the other end of the bar to the wall.
For example, there are standards that specify the exact parameters for making the machine screws required in the assembly of the various pieces of equipment used to retrieve and print film-based images.
The quick disconnect nuts can be pulled free of the stainless steel machine screws by turning the nut one quarter turn and pulling it up.
Drill 5/16-inch holes through the centers of the end caps and the center of the cross, then assemble the fitting with machine screws and self-locking nuts.
Standard security fasteners form a new section at where engineers can find shear nuts and shear bolts, 2 hole (pig eye/snake eye) head machine screws, clutch head screws, pin hex head self-tappers (also 6 lobe pin head self-tappers) with Nogo[TM] and Armour Ring[TM] devices.
I also bought some 10-24 x 1/2-inch brass machine screws. More on them later.
machine screws. Slide the new switch onto the screws and tighten the nuts.
* Lids secured with tapped holes and machine screws.
For example, stainless steel machine screws and self-tapping/thread-forming screws often need special care in selection.
* The stand is made mostly from 1/8-in.-thick aluminum angle joined with bolts and machine screws. The supports are made from metal conduit.