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Diary of a Mad Black Woman. United States: Lionsgate.
The $50.7 million box office success of his 2005 debut Diary of a Mad Black Woman secured a lucrative first-look, multi-year distribution partnership with Lionsgate.
A year later, quick-witted Madea appeared in the play Diary Of A Mad Black Woman. She quickly became the queen of urban stage plays, which used to be called the "chitlin' circuit" before Perry's successes.
Tomorrow's event, I Love You Mother includes the showing of Tyler Perry's movie, Diary Of A Mad Black Woman plus music by a group of local young singers, True Colours who are trained by Natalie Pinnock Hamilton.
Perry's (www.tylerperry.com) film Diary of a Mad Black Woman, adapted from the stage play, has been packing theaters.
One of the strangest phenomena about gay cinema, Outfest's Gutwillig is quick to point out, is that while GLBT film festivals are thriving--"There are more gay and lesbian film festivals than any other genre of film festival in the country and in the world"--gay-themed films in general do not see the kind of support at the box office that movies like My Big Fat Greek Wedding and this spring's Diary of a Mad Black Woman have received from their respective segments of the population (not to mention, ahem, The Passion of the Christ).
Diary of a Mad Black Woman, a low-budget African-American drama/comedy of a wife's revenge, has so far generated a total-to-date of pounds 33million.
Diary Of A Mad Black Woman took more than pounds 14m and stars TYLER PERRY as a trash-talking grandma.
"Diary of a Mad Black Woman," `Cursed' and `Man of the House' open today at Cinemark.
Starring Gary Sturgis (Diary of a Mad Black Woman), Taral Hicks (Belly), Omillio Sparks (State Property 1 & 2), William L.
Even more than "Diary of a Mad Black Woman," "Bad" seems to be a story for the ladies, and Perry knows just how to please his loyal followers.
Already the teen has appeared on CBS' The District and in the hit film Diary of a Mad Black Woman. With this recording and her impressive vocal range, she shows that she has what it will take for career longevity.