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"In plain truth, mademoiselle, you show a strange persistence in what you say."
"But it appears to me, mademoiselle," Colbert ventured to say, "that I too love the king."
It was the voice of Mademoiselle, crying "Murder!--murder!
it was locked, fast locked, on the inside, by the care of Mademoiselle, as I have told you, with key and bolt.
"What will Mademoiselle Piombo say to that?" asked a young girl of Mademoiselle Matilde Roguin, the lively oracle of the banking group.
"She is not very well," answered Mademoiselle Bourienne with a bright smile, "so she won't come down.
Newman promised himself to pay Mademoiselle Noemie another visit at the Louvre.
"Seventy-five dollars sound like a high price, monsieur," answered Mademoiselle Hennequin; "but the ladies of Paris do not grudge their gold for ornaments to decorate their persons."
She was not surprised at Mademoiselle Reisz's question the morning that lady, following her to the beach, tapped her on the shoulder and asked if she did not greatly miss her young friend.
ventured to take billets from the corsage of Mademoiselle de Hautefort."
The house in which Mademoiselle Cormon lived, build in Henri IV.'s time, by Pierre Cormon, the steward of the last Duc d'Alencon, had always belonged to the family; and among the old maid's visible possessions this one was particularly stimulating to the covetous desires of the two old lovers.
He stands the candle on the chimney-piece in the clerk's hall and taps his dry cheek with the key as he addresses these words of welcome to Mademoiselle Hortense.