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MAGLEVMagnetic Levitation
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Currently, the fastest train in the world is Japan's SC Maglev which surpassed the 600 kmph mark in April 2015.
A company official said CRRCC will also build maglev trains that run 200 km/h, with the aim establishing domestic technology and standard systems for new-generation medium- and superfast maglev transportation that can be applied globally, said Sun Bangcheng.
The entire transportation infrastructure including railway stations, platforms, tracks, signal system, fare structure and time table will be developed by The super- fast trains will run on Maglev technology the private firms while the land related issued will be taken care of by the railways.
In Section 2, the maglev bogie structure and the relevant risk sources are analyzed.
The ride was comfortable and stable," Yasukazu Endo, the head of the Maglev Test Centre, told the Asahi Shimbun newspaper.
He noted that the Iranian maglev train transfers passengers by spending less energy, but with higher safety and efficiency.
While maglev trains are already in service in Aichi Prefecture and the Chinese city of Shanghai, they are based on normal conduction.
Cho said: "Olev-based trains carry a battery, which means the installation of the track can be more flexible and cheaper than the maglev system, which always needs a power source to be derived from the track.
The Shanghai Maglev Train, China's first use of the technology, also opened as the first commercially operated high-speed magnetic levitation line in the world in 2004.
Heralded as a revolution in light transport when it was launched, the Maglev has been stopped in its tracks for a bargain basement pounds 100.
A CARRIAGE from Birmingham Airport's iconic Maglev transport system has sold for just pounds 100 after an earlier winning pounds 25,000 bid was never paid.