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MLFMutant Liberation Front (Marvel Comics)
MLFMaple Leaf Foods (Canada)
MLFMicro Lead Frame
MLFMulti Level Feedback
MLFMalolactic Fermentation (winemaking)
MLFMy Left Foot (film)
MLFMission Laïque Française (French: French Lay Mission)
MLFMedial Longitudinal Fasciculus
MLFMaple Lodge Farms (Canada)
MLFMicro Lead-Frame
MLFMultilateral Force
MLFMouvement de Libération de la Femme (feminist political movement in France, mainly active in the 60's and 70's)
MLFMorning Line Favorite (horse racing)
MLFMinimum Laxity First
MLFMajor League Football (fantasy sports)
MLFMemphis Leadership Foundation (est. 1986; Memphis, TN)
MLFMacaw Landing Foundation (Oregon)
MLFMulti Lateral Funding
MLFMicrosoft Licensing Fulfillment
MLFMitnick Liberation Front
MLFMonthly License Fee
MLFMinistry of Livestock and Fisheries
MLFMolded Lead Frame
MLFThousand Linear Feet (construction)
MLFMetropolitan Life Foundation
MLFMagnetic Lines of Force
MLFMasters in Law and Finance (degree program)
MLFMaintenance Level Function
MLFMaximum Load Factor
MLFMargin Loss Factor
MLFMicroloan Fund Microinvest (Tajikistan)
MLFMurthy Law Firm
MLFMissionaries of Little Flower
MLFMeaning Liberation Front (Portland Oregon media collective)
MLFMyanmar Livestock Federation
MLFMinistry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries
MLFMuslim Leaders of the Future (UK)
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Faraday imagined a magnet to be surround by a force field, the magnetic lines of force. If the magnet is moved these magnetic field lines induce a current in any wire which the lines cut across.
His principle states that magnetic lines of force are carried along in a moving fluid like strands of thread cast into a river, and thus they can never "break" and reconnect.
It can be explained as following: the electrons move as a circular motion with [[omega].sub.le] = eB/[m.sub.e] cyclotron frequency in the plane which is perpendicular to the magnetic lines of force. The electromagnetic wave cannot propagate through a plasma when its frequency lies below the plasma frequency without an external magnetic field.