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MRIMagnetic Resonance Imaging
MRIMedical Research Institute (dietary supplements; San Francisco, CA)
MRIMidwest Research Institute
MRIManchester Royal Infirmary
MRIMitsubishi Research Institute (Japan)
MRIMedium Resolution Instrument
MRIMax Rubner-Institut (German research institute)
MRIMinistry of Research and Innovation (Canada)
MRIMedical Records Institute
MRIMedical Resources, Inc. (various locations)
MRIMineral Resources International (Ogden, UT)
MRIMajor Research Instrumentation Program (National Science Foundation)
MRIMeteorological Research Institute
MRIManagement Recruiters International
MRIMonitor Line for Rings
MRIMachine Readable Information
MRIMediamark Research, Inc.
MRIMolecular Research Institute (est. 1979; California)
MRIMajor Research Initiative
MRIMatz's Ruby Interpreter (computer programming)
MRIMaterial Research Institute (Pennsylvania State University)
MRIMathematics Research Institute (various locations)
MRIMean Recurrence Interval (engineering measurement)
MRIMigrants' Rights International (Switzerland)
MRIMixed Reality Interface
MRIMagnetorotational Instability (physics)
MRIManagement Reports International
MRIMoores Rowland International (accounting; Taiwan)
MRIMexican Restaurants, Inc. (Houston, TX)
MRIMost Recent Interim (finance)
MRIMetallurgy Research Institute (Zimbabwe)
MRIMean Return Interval (hurricances)
MRIManaging Retirement Income (class & conference)
MRIMediamark Research Intelligence
MRIMedical Reengineering Initiative
MRIMarket Research, Inc. (New York)
MRIMeasurement Recording Instrument (Hale Propeller, LLC)
MRIMember of the Royal Institution (of Great Britain; London)
MRIMissouri River Institute
MRIMontgomery Research, Inc. (San Francisco, CA)
MRIMyers Research Institute
MRIMaster Record Index
MRIMulti-Resolution Integration (algorithm)
MRIMarket Research Indonesia
MRIMachine Readable Instruction
MRIMarginal Reliability Importance
MRIMichigan Retail Index
MRIMILSTRIP Routing Identifier
MRIMaryland Rock Industries, Inc.
MRIMagnum Research Incorporated
MRIMaterial Receipt Inspection
MRIMorning Room Inspection
MRIMaintenance Requirements - Instruments
MRIMorrison Research Initiative
MRIMaterial Requirement Internal
MRIMission Readiness Inspection (USAF)
MRIMail Routing Instruction (US DoD)
MRIMiyabi Research Institute (Japan)
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This cross sectional study was performed in Department of Diagnostic Radiology Lahore General Hospital Lahore from 14 07 2012 to 14 07 2013 on a patient sample of 55 with a 10% margin of error 95% confidence level taking sensitivity and specificity of magnetic resonance imaging 94% and 98% respectively and percentage of acoustic neuroma 41%.
What is the size of the magnetic resonance imaging unit market in the world and in different countries?
LPMI offers high technology imaging solutions in the areas of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), ultrasound and fluoroscopy.
T1-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) demonstrated a 10 x 5-mm lesion in the same location (figure 1B).
The new scanner enhances the utility of magnetic resonance imaging, a technology which has been widely used since the 1980s.
High signal from the otic labyrinth on unenhanced magnetic resonance imaging.
Volumetric assessment of glioma removal by intra-operative high-field magnetic resonance imaging.
Imaging in neurofibromatosis type 2: Screening using magnetic resonance imaging.
The recipients of this year's award, which includes a one thousand dollar (USD) cash prize, were Johanne Levesque, Mario Beauregard and Boualem Mensour of the Universite de Montreal for their article, "Effect of neurofeedback training on the neural substrates of selective attention in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: A functional magnetic resonance imaging study.
This detection technique - which relies on the vibration of a tiny sliver of silicon nitride rather than the activation of an electromagnetic circuit - represents a potentially important step toward attaining significantly higher resolution than that achievable using conventional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
Results from a large multicenter, randomized, double blind crossover, intraindividual comparison of two contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) have been published online by Radiology.
Although little is known about fabricating mechanical oscillators small enough to work in such an experiment, the technique may eventually allow the imaging of individual biological molecules--a level of resolution not possible with conventional magnetic resonance imaging.
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