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MAGTAPEMagnetic Tape
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Japanese representative production, which produces movie and TV program - Imagica, adopted Fujifilm big capable magnetic tape to adapt to high definition quality.
This newly developed magnetic tape technology uses sputter deposition, a type of vacuum thin film forming technology, to generate multiple layers of crystals with a uniform orientation on a polymer film with thickness of less than 5 micrometers.
3 + Magi Mags Magnetic Tape Series and Cubico G Magnetic Wall Sticker Series offer a new and easy way to decorate our living room, bedroom, dinning room or nursery.
next-generation dual-coat magnetic tape based on barium ferrite (BaFe)
Three configuration inputs allow 26 different modes of operation to be selected for the position evaluation of the magnetic tape placed above the chip.
The integrity and privacy of tape systems such as those for digital magnetic tape, which store information on removable tape, is considered a key issue for many businesses and the public.
Encrypted on a magnetic tape strip on the back of the card will be the veteran's Social Security number, date of birth, and a control number.
The company cites decreased NAFTA market demand as the primary reason for discontinuing the production of Desmodur CB, which is used as a raw material for general industrial, wood, and magnetic tape coatings, at this facility.
Desmodur CB is used as a raw material for general industrial, wood and magnetic tape coatings.
AIT-4 media features an areal density of 1.17Gbit/inch2, greater than any other magnetic tape media in the world, the company claims.
Sound was first successfully stored on magnetic tape in Germany in the 1930s.
It has taken a variety of forms over the last few months and started with just a loop of magnetic tape inserted into the card slot.