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MHDMagnetohydrodynamic (conversion; nuclear energy)
MHDMicro Hybrid Drive
MHDMalteser Hilfsdienst (medical help organization)
MHDMestska Hromadna Doprava (Czech Republik)
MHDMassachusetts Highway Department
MHDMindesthaltbarkeitsdatum (German: Best Before; food labeling)
MHDMethodist Health System
MHDMashhad, Iran (Airport Code)
MHDMilitary History Detachment
MHDMovimento Humanismo e Democracia (Brazil)
MHDMiejski Handel Detaliczny (food distributor in Poland)
MHDMatratzenhorchdienst (German slang humor: sleeping)
MHDMetal Home Digest
MHDMoving-Head Disk
MHDMulberry Heart Disease
MHDMedical Holding Detachment
MHDMaritime Homeland Defense
MHDMinimum Hemolytic Dose
MHDMultiple-Hyperplane Detector
MHDMetering Head Differential
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Let us consider the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) model of plasma physics.
The text also includes examples demonstrating the application of the method of characteristics to fluid equations, for the numerical solution of the shallow water equations and of the equations of the incompressible ideal magnetohydrodynamic flows in plasmas.
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So Dr Valery Nakariakov will chat about magnetohydrodynamic waves or plasma physics in Russian if necessary and Dr John Gilmore will expound on Caribbean literature in French.