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MAGMetal Active Gas (welding)
MAGMassive Action Game (video game)
MAGMagnitude (astronomy)
MAGMagician (Everquest)
MAGMotorcycle Action Group
MAGMines Advisory Group (UK)
MAGMagLite (Flashlight)
MagMagister (degree)
MAGMaricopa Association of Governments
MAGMedical Association of Georgia (Atlanta)
MAGMines Advisory Group (humanitarian demining NGO, UK)
MAGMemorial Art Gallery (University of Rochester)
MAGMinisterio de Agricultura y Ganaderia (Ecuador)
MAGMyelin-Associated Glycoprotein
MAGMen's Artistic Gymnastics
MAGMobile Access Gateway
MAGMonitor Action Group (Namibia)
MAGManagement Advisory Group
MAGMaximum Available Gain
MAGMitrailleuse d'Appui General (Belgian machine gun)
MAgMaster of Agriculture
MAGMinimum Annual Guarantee
MAGMidwest Air Group, Inc.
MAGMid-Atlantic Group (Hardy Plant Society)
MAGMothers Against Guns (England)
MAGMilitary Airlift Group
MAGMetal Arc Gas (welding)
MAGMaximum Absorption Garment (NASA, astronaut diaper)
MAGMadang, Papua New Guinea - Madang (Airport Code)
MAGMainzer Aufbaugesellschaft mbH
MAGMission Assurance Guidelines
MAGMadares al Ghad (Schools of Tomorrow; educational program; United Arab Emirates)
MAGMicrowave Application Group
MAGMaritime Action Group
MAGMutual Assistance Group
MAGMiddle Aged Gamers (gaming clan)
MAGMilitary Accountant General
MAGMetropolitan Area Gateway
MAGMaster of Applied Geography
MAGMouvement pour les Assises de la Gauche (French: Mouvement for the Conference of the Left, Senegal)
MAGMajor Accounts Group
MAGMilitary Advisory/Assistance Group
MAGMission Area Group
MAGMessage Assessment Group
MAGMarine Aircraft/Air Group
MAGMarine Activity Group (TWG/TAT-14)
MAGMarine Activity Group
MAGMNC Allotment Group
MAGminimum allowed gain
MAGMorton Ann Gernsbacher (psychology)
MAGMemorandum of Agreement (document)
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The measurement procedure was as follows: the response of the Cs magnetometers within the shielding to the external magnetic source was measured, with and without application of the stabilization system and the suppression factor [k.
As Surveyor flew over Terra Sirenum, the magnetometer acted like a compass needle alternately pointing north and south.
int] from a Fourier analysis of the photodiode signal when the magnetometer is operated under optimal conditions (Fig.
As this type of functionality gains popularity, end-users are expected to demand always-on navigational connections and more accurate location identification, which can be enabled through the use and design of magnetometer sensor technology such as the Xtrinsic MAG3110.
The new absolute scalar magnetometers (ASM) are designed to overcome the limits of the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) magnetometers, the first magnetometers designed to be placed in orbit.
Inclusion of PNI's patented magnetometers in the SpacePoint FUSION module provides a stable orientation reference by measuring the earth's magnetic field.
The University of Southampton seeks to acquire a liquid helium-free superconducting rock magnetometer (SRM) with automated long core sample treatment system for analysis of sediment, rock and soil cores; bio-magnetite; archaeological artefacts and synthetic materials.
The magnetometer is located near Corralitos, a remote area about 7 kilometers from the epicenter of the magnitude 7.
The Microcompass Magnetometer, the result of a joint development project between LGS and Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, is only a few millimeters in size and draws very little power, yet is sensitive enough to detect metal objects with magnetic content from a significant distance.
a pioneering company engaged in the development of advanced energy storage devices and ultra sensitive magnetometers utilizing breakthroughs brought about by nanotechnology and MEMS, today named Dr.
The hopper even carries a magnetometer, on the slim chance Phobos might have a magnetic field.