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MAGMetal Active Gas (welding)
MAGMassive Action Game (video game)
MAGMagnitude (astronomy)
MAGMagician (Everquest)
MAGMotorcycle Action Group
MAGMines Advisory Group (UK)
MAGMagLite (Flashlight)
MagMagister (degree)
MAGMaricopa Association of Governments
MAGMedical Association of Georgia (Atlanta)
MAGMines Advisory Group (humanitarian demining NGO, UK)
MAGMemorial Art Gallery (University of Rochester)
MAGMinisterio de Agricultura y Ganaderia (Ecuador)
MAGMyelin-Associated Glycoprotein
MAGMen's Artistic Gymnastics
MAGMobile Access Gateway
MAGMonitor Action Group (Namibia)
MAGManagement Advisory Group
MAGMaximum Available Gain
MAGMitrailleuse d'Appui General (Belgian machine gun)
MAgMaster of Agriculture
MAGMinimum Annual Guarantee
MAGMidwest Air Group, Inc.
MAGMid-Atlantic Group (Hardy Plant Society)
MAGMothers Against Guns (England)
MAGMilitary Airlift Group
MAGMetal Arc Gas (welding)
MAGMaximum Absorption Garment (NASA, astronaut diaper)
MAGMadang, Papua New Guinea - Madang (Airport Code)
MAGMainzer Aufbaugesellschaft mbH
MAGMission Assurance Guidelines
MAGMadares al Ghad (Schools of Tomorrow; educational program; United Arab Emirates)
MAGMicrowave Application Group
MAGMaritime Action Group
MAGMutual Assistance Group
MAGMiddle Aged Gamers (gaming clan)
MAGMilitary Accountant General
MAGMetropolitan Area Gateway
MAGMaster of Applied Geography
MAGMouvement pour les Assises de la Gauche (French: Mouvement for the Conference of the Left, Senegal)
MAGMajor Accounts Group
MAGMilitary Advisory/Assistance Group
MAGMission Area Group
MAGMessage Assessment Group
MAGMarine Aircraft/Air Group
MAGMarine Activity Group (TWG/TAT-14)
MAGMarine Activity Group
MAGMNC Allotment Group
MAGminimum allowed gain
MAGMorton Ann Gernsbacher (psychology)
MAGMemorandum of Agreement (document)
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The United States Geological Survey (USGS) tipped the quake at magnitude 5.
4 - Kamchatka, Russia, November 4, 1952, magnitude 9.
Different types of analyses produce different estimates for the quake's magnitude and the length of fault rupture, says Beroza.
I therefore opted to summarize some of the guidelines related to magnitude and to provide new insights and practical advice on calculation and presentation of effect magnitudes.
January 25, 1999: Western Colombia; magnitude 6; 1,171 killed
By qualifying Magnitude 3D and the TimeScale replication appliance with SSM and SANTap, Xiotech is enabling SMEs to simplify their storage environments and disaster recovery implementations, allowing them to take advantage of additional intelligence and functionality at the network level.
December 26, 2003: South-eastern Iran, Bam, magnitude 6.
They checked the measurements and uncertainty analysis by comparing the results to the magnitude measured by a heterodyne method up to 50 GHz; the agreement was well within the combined uncertainty of the two measurement systems.
The MAGNITUDE is the only networked storage foundation designed from the ground up to include a virtualized storage architecture that makes application-driven storage possible.
Xiotech and Spectra Logic signed a reseller agreement in July of 2005, where Xiotech began reselling its primary Magnitude 3D storage systems with Spectra T-series libraries for secondary backup.
5-magnitude star to its north, and a third star of magnitude 13.
New analyses of ground motions caused by large earthquakes suggest that it may be possible to estimate the full magnitude of such quakes immediately after they start rumbling.