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MLDManual Lymph Drainage (therapy)
MLDMulticast Listener Discovery Protocol
MLDMetachromatic Leukodystrophy
MLDMixed Layer Depth
MLDMarine Luchtvaart Dienst (Dutch)
MLDMajor League Darts
MLDMinimal Lumen Diameter
MLDMedian Lethal Dose
MLDModerate Learning Difficulty (special education needs)
MLDMaximum Likelihood Decoding
MLDManiac Latin Disciples (gang)
MLDMy Last Day (band)
MLDMajor League Dreidel
MLDMost Likely Descendent (ancestry)
MLDMissile Launch Detector
MLDModerate Learning Disability
MLDMaster Logic Diagram
MLDMultilayer Dielectric
MLDMy Little Dog
MLDMild Learning Disability
MLDMain Line of Defense
MLDMean Level Detector
MLDMillions of Liters Per Day (municipal water supply systems)
MLDMinimum Line of Detection
MLDMagnetic Latching Device
MLDMessage Loading Device
MLDMilitary Liaison Department
MLDMajor League Duning
MLDMinimum/Minimal Lethal Dose
MLDMulti-Line Discount (insurance)
MLDMajor League Doorkicker
MLDMy Latest Distraction (website)
MLDMortgage Lending Division (various locations)
MLDMusic Like Dirt
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A taxpayer offers evidence to suggest the deficiency notice was not even mailed by the IRS.
In general, the prevalent judicial view is that a deficiency notice mailed to the taxpayer's last known address is valid from the date of its mailing, whether or not the taxpayer actually receives it (King v.
More than 10 million copies will be mailed this fall, with at least 25 million catalogs slated for mailing in 1999 - the catalog's first full year of operation.