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MPDMultiple-Personality Disorder
MPDMetropolitan Police Department (Washington, DC, USA)
MPDManaged Pressure Drilling (oil drilling)
MPDManufacturing and Product Design (UK)
MPDMusic Player Daemon (music player server)
MPDMain Pancreatic Duct
MPDMilwaukee Police Department (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
MPDMonetary Policy Department (various locations)
MPDMinneapolis Police Department (Minneapolis, MN)
MPDMy Personal Diary
MPDMotion Picture Distribution (Canada)
MPDMaster Plan for Delhi (Delhi, India)
MPDMemphis Police Department
MPDMulti Protocol Driver
MPDMultiply Decimal
MPDMulti Processing Daemon Protocol
MPDMusic Player Daemon
MPDMicrosoft Project Database
MPDMessage Power Led
MPDMain Processor Card
MPDMini Port Driver
MPDMulti Purpose Document
MPDMulti Part Document
MPDMinutes per Day
MPDMost Popular Driver (award)
MPDMyeloproliferative Disorder
MPDMovimiento Popular Democratico (Democratic People's Movement )
MPDMesquite Police Department (Mesquite, NV)
MPDMarketing and Product Development
MPDMulti-Link PPP Daemon
MPDManagement of Product Development (various schools)
MPDMaintenance Planning Document
MPDMotor Protection Device (various companies)
MPDMiami Police Department (Florida)
MPDMilitary Personnel Division
MPDManila Police District
MPDMeat Packing District (New York City)
MPDMotive Power Depot (locomotive storage)
MPDMaui Police Department (Maui County, Hawaii)
MPDMissing Presumed Dead
MPDMitsubishi Pharma Deutschland (Dusseldorf, Germany)
MPDMicrowave Product Digest
MPDThousand Barrels per Day (oil production measurement)
MPDMontgomery Police Department (Alabama)
MPDMaster Project Director
MPDMaster of Product Development (Northwestern University)
MPDMean Profile Depth
MPDMale Pattern Baldness
MPDMinistry Partner Development (missionary support raising)
MPDMultiphoton Dissociation
MPDMyofascial Pain Disorder
MPDMulti-Paradigm Design (computer programming)
MPDDistal Myopathy
MPDMulti Party Democracy
MPDMode Power Distribution
MPDMessage Preparation Directory
MPDMultiple Purpose Document (airlines)
MPDminimum phototoxic dose
MPDMobile Personal Device
MPDMultipurpose Display
MPDMobile Phone Dealer (Philippines)
MPDMaximum Population Density
MPDMeritorious Police Duty (New York, NY)
MPDMulti Product Dispenser
MPDMobile Prefix Discovery
MPDMarietta Police Department (Georgia)
MPDManila Police Department
MPDMuscle Phosphorylase Deficiency
MPDMonitor Photo Diode
MPDMultiple Product Dispenser (gas station "islands")
MPDMicrowave Products Division
MPDMaximum Path Difference
MPDMultiphoton Detector
MPDMinimum Product Distance
MPDMedical Physics Department
MPDMaximum Permissible Dosage
MPDMobility Pilot Development
MPDMotive Power Department (railways)
MPDMaximum Packet Delay
MPDMain Processor Redundancy
MPDMovement Priority Designator
MPDMillersburg Police Department (Ohio)
MPDMacy's Product Development (Macy's department stores)
MPDMaximum Permissible Downtime
MPDMicrowave Power Devices, Incorporated
MPDMessage Processing & Distribution
MPDMeters above Principal Datum (lands planning)
MPDModification Program Directive
MPDMiscellaneous Pay Document
MPDMorganza Police Department (Louisiana)
MPDMono-Propellant Driver
MPDMonthly Payroll Deduct
MPDMaintenance Planing Document (Aircraft Maintenance Schedule)
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Male pattern baldness (MPB)is a highly prevalent condition (Norwood.
We were a nasty breed and had no problem blaming Bill and Hillary Clinton for everything from the exploding federal deficit to male pattern baldness. I suspected then, as I do now, that Hillary Clinton herself had something to do with "Love, American Style" and "Joanie Loves Chachi." And why not blame her?
A THERE are two main drugs used to treat male pattern baldness. The first is Minoxidil (Rogaine) - a solution applied directly to the scalp to stimulate the hair follicles.
* Don Rickles' Challenge--one person cut their hair to mimic the style of someone suffering from severe male pattern baldness
Kimmel points out that there are nearly 40 health complications associated with steroid use, including heightened aggressive behavior, depression, altered menstruation, acne, male pattern baldness, enlarged heart, liver tumors, and suicide.
"For ladies, it may block some of the female hormones, so they may experience symptoms such as male pattern baldness."
You know and I know how men can continue to look attractive whether or not they lose their hair to male pattern baldness. But many of them won't believe it.
Bush has argued that invading Iraq will solve just about every problem in the Middle East except male pattern baldness. The central argument that Bush made--that installing democracy (as if it were a spare part) in Iraq will bring peace to the Middle East--doesn't stand up.
The fact that the male pattern baldness drug Propecia [per thousand] started out as a prostate drug tells us, No.
A THIS normal condition is known as male pattern baldness. It typically involves thinning of the hair at the crown and recession of the hair above the temples.
Male pattern baldness which typically occurs in the late 20s, is a hereditary condition.