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malwaremalicious software
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This is because the malware doesn't target the Android platform and the domains involved in the attack have already been sinkholed.
The malware was hosted on a third-party website but was shared via a domain associated with McAfee ClickProtect, an email protection service.
Apparently the malware is disguised as a fake Flash player download.
In addition, the report found new malware samples rebounded in Q1 to 32 million.
Department of Homeland Security said it was investigating the malware, though it had seen no evidence to suggest it has infected U.
Check Point said that about 60% of the affected smartphones are in Asia but there have been only 700 cases of the malware targeting Israeli users.
In the fields of malware research and threat intelligence, one of the biggest challenges faced by the security analysts is the significant time and skill required to reverse engineer new malware samples as quickly as possible, said Kevin OReilly, Principal Consultant at Context Information Security.
By the end of 1015, we saw in the app stores around the globe that approximately 10% of the 120 million mobile apps out there were infected with malware," said Bruce Snell, cybersecurity director at Intel Security and one of the authors of the McAfee Labs 2016 Threats Predictions report.
The number of consumers using such devices for security-critical tasks such as online banking transactions and accessing corporate networks, is also increasing at a similar rate, making them valuable targets for malware practices [2].
So, malware hackers are learning to write their code to attack the infrastructure more effectively while avoiding detection.
Reading reports about email attacks that use macro-based malware should reaffirm the importance of designing a good email security policy within an organization.
Stickley added that wiper malware is often used in conjunction with other malware.