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MAMBOMaryland Association of Mountain Bike Operators (Linthicum, MD)
MAMBOModern Art Museum of Bologna (Bologna, Italy)
MAMBOMediterranean Association for Marine Biology and Oceanology
MAMBOMulti-Service Wireless Network with Bandwidth Optimization
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Se trata sobre todo de interjecciones (bueno, !hombre!, !cono.O, de giros informales ("'Te) quiero mijo,' is what she used to say" (Hijuelos, Mambo Kings 242), "So we left, hombre, and that Castro, mojon guindao, can go to hell!" (292)), de palabras afectivas las cuales conllevan una serie de connotaciones y valores culturales especificos, y de palabras tipicamente cubanas relacionadas con la comida, la ropa, la musica etc.
Hou's aversion to modernity in Millennium Mambo (an aversion that attenuates "A Time for Youth") was palpable in his great Taiwan trilogy, which he has called his "Three Tragedies"--A City of Sadness, The Puppetmaster (1993), and Good Men, Good Women--a monumental chronicle of his country's postwar history.
With its limited budget for music rights, Mambo Italiano doesn't even use the title song.
And like his character in Mambo, Kirby has fostered a strong, loving bond with a male friend--"It's a deep love; it's beyond a crush"--since infanthood.
Sus mambos, boleros y sones fueron interpretados por varios artistas en los anos cincuenta, decada que le gustaria repetir, cuando fue arreglista de Benny More, Damaso Perez Prado y la recientemente fallecida Celia Cruz, La reina de la salsa.
Designed for scalability, Mambo! Utilizes dynamic load balancing to support hundreds of concurrent inquiries and access to millions of pages.
The company further says Mambo is as intuitive to use as a simple search tool, yet enables complex research to be completed quickly through knowledge management capabilities that include indexes, iterative navigation and relevance ranking.
Judge Jules was live on the decks at one of my favourite locations in Ibiza, Caf Mambo, and his special guest just happened to be the fantastic Saxophonist Rocky.
* Liz Claiborne's latest fragrance creation, Mambo, has burst on the scene backed by a $20 million advertisement campaign by Avrett, Free & Ginsberg, New York, NY.
Tracks like Argentine composer Carlos Franzetti's "Mambo Tango," featuring Barbieri, and "Candombe pa'los Shakers," featuring Uruguayan keyboardist Hugo Fattoruso on the ceremonial drums of his small country, help underscore the viability of a jazz approach to a truly Pan-American program that includes such jaunty Feldman originals as "Viva Belgrano de Cordoba," a joyous combination of modern jazz and modern mambo rhythms.
El hermano de Israel, Orestes Lopez, fue el creador de un danzon titulado "Mambo" que ha generado polemicas.