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MBFMust Be Following (social media)
MBFManagement By Fact
MBFThousand Board Feet
MBFMy Best Friend
MBFMillion Board Feet (measurement)
MBFMom's Best Friend (household staffing agency; Austin, TX)
MBFMy Boyfriend
MBFMichael Bernard Fitzgerald (musician)
MBFMicrosoft Business Framework
MBFMind/Body Fitness
MBFMedical Benevolence Foundation (Houston, TX)
MBFMan's Best Friend
MBFMedical Benefits Fund
MBFMini Blast Furnace
MBFMilitary Banking Facility
MBFMust Be Filled (securities trading order)
MBFManagement by Fear
MBFMoney, Banking and Finance (various universities)
MBFMarine's Best Friend (Doom computer game)
MBFMore, Better, Faster
MBFMetric Board Foot
MBFMicro Bright Field Inc. (Williston, VT)
MBFMust Be Funny
MBFMission Build Facility
MBFMidwest Basketry Focus
MBFMaster Business Function (J.d. Edwards OneWorld)
MBFMalted Barley Flour
MBFMarried Black Female
MBFMedium Bomber Force
MBFMacro-Basis Function
MBFMatrix Biological Film
MBFMoss Bow Foley (dog show superintendent)
MBFMichigan Barrier-Free (handiicap accessibility design)
MBFManagement in Business Finance (academics)
MBFMercedes Benz de France (French automobile club)
MBFManagement Behavior Feedback
MBFMobile Branch Facilities (command vehicle manufacturer; Sanford, FL)
MBFMad Beat Factory (show)
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Dogs typically leap at the first sound of jingling keys; if man's best friend resists a ride, discomfort could be the reason.
RSPCA Cymru's superintendent Martyn Hubbard said: "People think of dogs as man's best friend but these statistics tell a different story.
Dogs are supposed to be man's best friend but the statistics in today's Irish Mirror prove that friendship is not reciprocated.
Man's best friend shouldn't be thought of as a mere status symbol.
With many tips and techniques with dealing with various problems and making one's pet feel at home, "Forever Home" is a top pick guide for making man's best friend your best friend.
Ginger's Gift: Hope and Healing Through Dog Companionship" is a look at the value of man's best friend in overcoming the challenges that humanity faces.
In February Royal Mail will mark man's best friend, with six stamps showing working dogs in action, while the life and times of British monarchs will be celebrated on stamps issued in the same month.
Honda has designed a dog-friendly car to keep man's best friend happy.
A college course in dog grooming has attracted 40 applicants keen to make man's best friend look better.
LAST Year the British public spent over pounds 100m on Christmas gifts for their pets and whether it's a cuddly toy for a hamster or a posh gift for man's best friend apparently shopping for our animals is high on our lists.
HOLLYWOOD hunk Colin Farrell has agreed to take a whopping pay cut to play a gay man's best friend in a new indie film.
A 'DOG CENSUS' conducted by dog food manufacturer Winalot has found that man's best friend would rather be with his master in the pub than chasing balls or fetching sticks in the park.