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MDMaryland (US postal abbreviation)
MDMuscular Dystrophy
MDMedicinae Doctor (Doctor of Medicine)
MDMedical Director
MDMedical Doctor
MDMajor Depression
MDMedical Department
MDMode (DSC)
MDMissing Data (statistics)
MDMini Disc
MDMaster's Degree
MDMarketing Director
MDMother's Day
MDManagement Division
MDManaging Director
MDMemorial Day
MDMolecular Dynamics
MDMoldova (ISO country identifier)
MDMason-Dixon (Civil War era boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland)
MDMusic Director
MDMessage Digest
MDMass Destruction
MDMagdeburg (German license plate code)
MDMandatory (band)
MDMotor Drive
MDModern Drummer (magazine)
MDMachine Direction
MDMega Drive (Sega)
MDMiles Davis
MDMacular Degeneration
MDMusic Department
MDMissile Defense
MDMendoza (Argentina province, airline code)
MDMetal Detector
MDMiami-Dade (Miami-Dade County, Fl)
MDMusical Director
MDManic Depression
MDMilitary District
MDManagement Directive
MDMichael Douglas
MDMandarina Duck
MDMatt Damon (actor)
MDMultiple Description
MDMountain Dew
MDMegadeth (band)
MDMetropolitan District (UK)
MDMulti-Destination (Sprint)
MDModel Design
MDDuration Magnitude (US Geological Survey; used to compute earthquake size based on shake time)
MDMini Disk
MDMail Drop
MDMillennium Declaration
MDMachine Dependent
MDMain Deck
MDAir Madagascar (IATA airline code)
MDMinimum Distance (algorithm)
MDMadhuri Dixit (Indian actress)
MDMillion Dead (band)
MDManagement Domain
MDMake Directory (MS-DOS command)
MDMando Diao (band)
MDMaterials Division (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
MDMonochrome Display
MDMagnetic Disk
MDMucosal Disease (bovine viral disease)
MDMean Deviation
MDMission Data
MDMeasured Depth (oil and gas)
MDMarek's Disease (chicken virus)
MDMortgage Deed
MDMain Droite (accoridion, right hand side)
MDMetadata Database
MDMentally Deficient
MDMaster of Disaster
MDMandatory Death (band)
MDMean Diffusivity
MDMission Duration
MDMail Destination
MDMaximum Demand
MDMudug (postal region, Somalia)
MDMiddle Dutch
MDMaster Document
MDMagistratsdirektion (German: municipality directorate)
MDMighty Dog (dog food)
MDMonths After Date
MDMinor Defect
MDMister Donut (restaurant)
MDMembrane Distillation
MDMateriel Development
MDMogen David (wine)
MDManufacture Discontinued (AT&T)
MDMeter Dose (inhaler devices)
MDMagical Drop (SNK game)
MDMass Driver (Gundam seed anime)
MDMilestone Decision
MDModulation Depth
MDMorphologic Diagnosis (histopathology)
MDMediation Device
MDMaritime Division
mDMillidarcy (measure of permeability)
MDMaintenance Diagnostic
MDMine Disposal
MDMechanized Division
MDMicrowave Drying
MDMunitions Dump
MDMultivariate Distribution
MDMessenger Discovery
MDMonocular Deprivation
MDMateriel Developer
MDManning Document
MDMissionary Department
MDMatrix Diagram (Sprint - Quality)
MDMiller Draft
MDMuy Deficiente (Spanish educational grade/mark)
MDMeasurement Difference
MDManufacturer Defined
MDModernization Division (Forecast Systems Laboratory, NOAA)
MDMotorized Damper (HVAC drawings)
MDModule Designer (gaming)
MDMinistria e Drejtësisë (Ministry of Justice, Albania)
MDMachinery Damage (insurance)
MDMean Downtime
MDMega Day
MDMeasurable Development (Northern Vantage, Inc.)
MDMaintenance Drop
MDMaintainability Demonstration
MDMine Disc (gaming)
MDMovement Directive
MDManipulative Deception
MDMicrophone Doctor
MDMaterial Defender (Descent game series)
MDMethodology Deliverable
MDModificador Directo (Spanish grammar)
MDMeridian Day
MDMill Desk (Home Depot)
MDMiddle Danish
MDMunicipal Docks Railway (of the Jacksonville Port Authority)
MDMnemonic Debugger (firmware-level diagnostic environment used in Apollo Computers)
MDMarshalled Deployability
MDMicrowave Denitrification
MDModerator Detritiation
MDMetropolitan Dairies
MDMouth Dissoving (medical tablet)
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The second advantage is that, by breaking down the cost in terms of variables that contribute to total travel costs, it became possible to create a tailorable tool, providing users an opportunity to fine-tune their budget estimates based on anticipated man-day utilization characteristics.
Three and a half years ago, Reservists through the rank of colonel received permission to serve up to 1,095 man-days of the previous 1,460 days in a rolling four-year calendar.
The critical entries include numbers of antlered and antlerless deer observed, and man-days of hunting.
Whereby: Total Man Days = the total man-days to be spent per year.
During the quarter, 11 out of 12 man-days lost due to sickness absence were doctor-certified absences.
The ongoing and targeted projects would generate an estimated employment of 13 crore man-days yearly from 2018-2021, comprising about 1.
they show that in the case of a car door, traditional engineering testing would require 172 hours of test time, 117 man-days of labor, $124,000, multiple prototypes, and would result in the discovery of 1 failure mode, while MEOST requires 16 hours of test time, 38 man-days of labor, $44,000, and just a few prototypes)--what is perhaps more important is their step-by-step review of how managers and engineers who actually may think they're pursuing a high-quality path to development and production are actually wandering down non-productive paths.
Since 9/11, Burger has worked more than 300 man-days at his unit.
The subject of the tender is to provide comprehensive services for the treatment and the development of an integrated personnel information system sponsor OK Base totaling 500 man-days (MD) for a definite period of 4 years or a period of exhaustion of the man-days of signing the contract.
Using this revolutionary system, CAD Limited sped the production of precise, AutoCAD(R)-compatible building surveys for McDonald's using single person crews to produce accurate digital floor plans for each of more than 300 outlets in an average time of 4 to 6 hours, versus the 3-person and 3 man-days previously quoted.
So far alliance partners including IBM EMEA, Partake, IFB, D'Arco, Klee and BearingPoint have subscribed to over 150 man-days of training under the new program.