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MOWMoment of Weakness
MOWMeals-on-Wheels (non-profit food administering organization)
MOWMan or Woman?
MOWMoscow, Russia (Airport Code)
MOWMaintenance of Way
MOWMen of War (video game)
MOWMercer Oliver Wyman (management consulting; various locations)
MOWMinistry of Works (Bahrain)
MOWMinistry of Works (UK)
MOWMovie of the Week
MOWMaps of the World
MOWMehr Oder Weniger (German: More or Less)
MOWMake Own Way
MOWMadeleine of Wiken (est. 2006; Sweden)
MOWMembers of the Workforce (security clearance)
MOWMaennlich Oder Weiblich (German chat: boy or girl)
MOWModern Welsh (linguistics)
MOWMember of the Week
MOWMost of World
MOWMountain of Worship (ministry)
MOWMinimum Order Weight (carriage charges; UK)
MOWMission Operations Wing (NASA)
MOWMassive Online World (game/virtual simulation)
MOWMaster of Wisdom
MOWMaintenance Orderwire
MOWManiac on Wheels
MOWMail Order Works (Essex, UK)
MOWMasters of Weaponry (gaming clan)
MOWMadmen of Wrestling
MOWMission Operations Working Group
MOWMeasurement Over Wires (screw thread gauging method)
MOWMissionaries of War (online gaming clan)
MOWMuseum of Writing (UK)
MOWMessenger on Watch
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There are a few cases on record where Portuguese man-of-war stings on humans have resulted in fatalities, and victims can suffer intense fever and anaphylactic shock.
Under Captain George Vandeput, the man-of-war successfully delivered British marines to Boston, patrolled New York City's harbour, and fired upon Rebel armies.
A man-of-war is made up of a colony of creatures to form one jellyfish.
Jellyfish and Portuguese man-of-war often leave raised blisters that are in the shape of their own tentacles.
Depending on what has stung you, you could have the following symptoms too: Jellyfish and Portuguese man-of-war often leave raised blisters that are in the shape of their own tentacles.
Bathers are being warned that they may come across the Portuguese man-of-war, which delivers a painful sting that can be deadly without urgent medical attention
IPaF I was stung as a child by a Portuguese man-of-war and I'll never forget it.
Maria Furcas, 69, suffered an allergic reaction when she was stung on the leg by a Portuguese man-of-war while swimming in the Mediterranean with her sister.
MAN O' WAR is so named for its air bladder, which looks similar to the triangular sails of the Portuguese ship Caravela latina (man-of-war) of the 15th and 16th centuries.
STRONG winds have blown a rare Portuguese man-of-war jellyfish on to the Dorset coast - the third to be reported in days.