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MANIACMathematical Analyzer Numerical Integrator and Computer
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Then he had another ride in the patrol wagon, along with the drunken wife-beater and the maniac, several "plain drunks" and "saloon fighters," a burglar, and two men who had been arrested for stealing meat from the packing houses.
After nearly an hour the light went out, but this time there was no mocking laughter--at least not upon the part of my tormentors; but I, to be at quits with them, gave a low laugh that none might mistake for the cackle of a maniac.
Bertha Mason is mad; and she came of a mad family; idiots and maniacs through three generations?
Whites of the eyes showing all around the irises, hair growing stiffly erect from the scalp and low down upon the forehead--even their mannerisms and their carriage are those of maniacs.
My objections to this, that the present inhabitants of England are mentally fit, and could therefore not have descended from an ancestry of undiluted lunacy he brushes aside with the assertion that insanity is not necessarily hereditary; and that even though it was, in many cases a return to natural conditions from the state of high civilization, which is thought to have induced mental disease in the ancient world, would, after several generations, have thoroughly expunged every trace of the affliction from the brains and nerves of the descendants of the original maniacs.
These gambling games were kept up throughout the night; every fire glared upon a group that looked like a crew of maniacs at their frantic orgies, and the scene would have been kept up throughout the succeeding day, had not Captain Bonneville interposed his authority, and, at the usual hour, issued his marching orders.
And always in their swift and deadly rushes to and fro the men screamed and yelled like maniacs.
In fact, he had a comfortable feeling that he was vastly superior to these wordy maniacs of the working class.
And John Barleycorn puts out the fire, and soddens the agility, and, when he does not more immediately kill them or make maniacs of them, he coarsens and grossens them, twists and malforms them out of the original goodness and fineness of their natures.
I hope everyone enjoys it and isn't afraid to express their inner maniac, responsibly, of course," she said.
HORROR Girl manages to escape as maniac lashes out with blade in playground
The Murder Maniac Road Race, which begins at the junction of Tinker Lane and Wessenden Head Road, is open to runners aged 18 and over.