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MNRMinistry of Natural Resources
MNRMultimedia News Release
MNRMetro North Railroad (New York, NY)
MNRMouvement National Républicain (French: National Republican Movement)
MNRMovimiento Nacionalista Revolucionario (National Revolutionary Movement, Bolivia)
MNRMonday Night Raw (World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.)
MNRMid Norfolk Railway (Norfolk, UK)
MNRMozambique National Resistance
MNRMusées Nationaux Récupération (French: National Museums Recovery)
MNRMod Nation Racers (video game)
MNRMonitored Natural Recovery
MNRManitoba Natural Resources
MNRMountain Natural Resources
MNRMobile Node Registration
MNRMixed Number Representation
MNRMackenzie Northern Railway
MNRMight Not Respond (Internet slang)
MNRMinister of National Revenue (Canada)
MNRMedically Not Ready (US DoD)
References in classic literature ?
Little Jones went one day a shooting with the gamekeeper; when happening to spring a covey of partridges near the border of that manor over which Fortune, to fulfil the wise purposes of Nature, had planted one of the game consumers, the birds flew into it, and were marked (as it is called) by the two sportsmen, in some furze bushes, about two or three hundred paces beyond Mr Allworthy's dominions.
Mr Allworthy had given the fellow strict orders, on pain of forfeiting his place, never to trespass on any of his neighbours; no more on those who were less rigid in this matter than on the lord of this manor.
The Manor House, with its many gables and its small diamond-paned windows, was still much as the builder had left it in the early seventeenth century.
The latest tenants of the Manor House had, however, with characteristic energy, set this right, and the drawbridge was not only capable of being raised, but actually was raised every evening and lowered every morning.
We had mentioned the lord of the manor as we crossed the common, and the notice- board brought him once more to the old man's mind.
he said, pointing to the board as though it was the lord of the manor himself standing there, "I shouldn't like to have had the trouble he's had on my shoulders.
The woman was his housekeeper at Misselthwaite Manor, and her name was Mrs.
Welcome,' said their hospitable host, throwing it open and stepping forward to announce them, 'welcome, gentlemen, to Manor Farm.
We picked up our things, and went over to the Manor House.
So by the end of June the shutters were all opened at Lowick Manor, and the morning gazed calmly into the library, shining on the rows of note-books as it shines on the weary waste planted with huge stones, the mute memorial of a forgotten faith; and the evening laden with roses entered silently into the blue-green boudoir where Dorothea chose oftenest to sit.
In showing kindness to his cousins therefore he had the real satisfaction of a good heart; and in settling a family of females only in his cottage, he had all the satisfaction of a sportsman; for a sportsman, though he esteems only those of his sex who are sportsmen likewise, is not often desirous of encouraging their taste by admitting them to a residence within his own manor.
Bingley intended it likewise, and sometimes made choice of his county; but as he was now provided with a good house and the liberty of a manor, it was doubtful to many of those who best knew the easiness of his temper, whether he might not spend the remainder of his days at Netherfield, and leave the next generation to purchase.