mantManufacturers Association of North Texas (Fort Worth, TX)
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Leeds Building Society staff from <Bleft, Margaret Calvert, assistant manager, and Lara Mant, manager, both Wallsend branch, with Pauline Mordue, customer service adviser, Morpeth branch
Trinamool candidate Pandit Shyam Sundar Sharma Pachahara won the Mant seat, defeating his nearest rival Yogesh Chaudhary Nawar ( RLD) by 7,798 votes.
Mant is one of the five assembly segments falling under Mathura Lok Sabha seat won by Jayant in 2009 general elections.
But the jury accepted Knowles's claim, after a six-day trial, that he had no idea what happened to the car after his drunken night out, and they acquitted both him and Mant.
Mr Mant said the firm failed to consult the workers about its intentions to go into administration, a contravention of the Employment Act.
324), researchers say they have almost certainly detected the chemical signature of mant le material in the Aitken basin.
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David Mant and colleagues at the University of Oxford warned that prescriptions for the drugs were rising again after a significant drop.
Our head groundsman Paul Mant and his team worked extremely hard in the seven days leading up to the fixture.
Tickers featured: CAI, DRCO, HSIN, MANT, MTCT, SINT, SRX, UAV.