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Nor was Tarzan senseless to the presence of Numa or Manu or any of the many jungle beasts he passed in his rapid flight towards the west.
He had heard noisy little Manu, and even the soft rustling of the parting shrubbery where Sheeta passed before either of these alert animals sensed his presence.
Nor did they ever fully understand this strange creature who ran through the trees as quickly as Manu, yet was even more at home upon the ground than themselves; who was except as to color like unto themselves, yet as powerful as ten of them, and singlehanded a match for the fiercest denizens of the fierce jungle.
He thought of little Manu hugging his she, and how the one seemed to belong to the other.
"For the Gomangani there is another Gomangani," he said; "for Numa, the lion, there is Sabor, the lioness; for Sheeta there is a she of his own kind; for Bara, the deer; for Manu, the monkey; for all the beasts and the birds of the jungle is there a mate.
"And as the boys all agreed, Manus always said he was doing his apprenticeship this year with this car and for years to come he was going to master this car.
But Boochani, a Kurdish Iranian, has been kept on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea, for the past six years in the Australian offshore detention center located there.
"The policy that was introduced in 2013, to expel people -- the 'Fortress Australia' policy that they (the government) put in place -- that has to go," rally organizer Ian Rintoul from the Refugee Action Coalition told Sydney protestors, adding that "so we fight to close the detention centers on Manus and Nauru, but we fight in that process to bring them here".
Aapla Manus explores the story of a young couple living with the man's father, juggling the pressures of urban life and managing the complexity of relationships.
"Nobody is free on Manus," said Refugee Action Coalition Sydney spokesman Ian Rintoul on Sunday.
The 2016 recipient, Eric Strouse of Stanton's Music, presented Ron Manus with the award.