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MAPLEMercedes Aran Phantom Luminous Evan
MAPLEManaging and Planning Learning Environments (University of British Columbia; Canada)
MAPLEMultipurpose Applied Physics Lattice Experiment (Reactor)
MAPLEMidwest Alliance for Professional Learning (Learning First Alliance)
MAPLEMulti Agent Planning and Learning (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)
MAPLEMadelung Part of Lattice Energy
MAPLEMostly Annoying Programming Language Ever :-)
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I assure you, Miss Woodhouse, it is very delightful to me, to be reminded of a place I am so extremely partial to as Maple Grove.
It is a necessary of life to me; and having always been used to a very musical society, both at Maple Grove and in Bath, it would have been a most serious sacrifice.
The girl was hardly out of sight when two men turned aside beneath the maple shade.
As if planted on purpose for him, there soon appeared a little tuft of maples, with a delightful recess in the midst, and such a fresh bubbling spring that it seemed never to have sparkled for any wayfarer but David Swan.
The jug of maple sirup which the easy ways of village life had permitted Hillbrook's foremost citizen to carry home from the store was not there.
Remembering that you had said you wanted some maple sirup, I went in and bought some--that is all--I bought two quarts of maple sirup from Silas Deemer, who is dead and underground, but nevertheless drew that sirup from a cask and handed it to me in a jug.
There were still many leaves on the oaks and maples, making a goodly show of red and brown and gold.
As I made my way up the river before I reached you at the fazenda I instituted very particular inquiries about Maple White.
The maples in Lover's Lane were red budded and little curly ferns pushed up around the Dryad's Bubble.
The traveller put his horse into a quick walk up the village, but when he approached the Green, the beauty of the view that lay on his right hand, the singular contrast presented by the groups of villagers with the knot of Methodists near the maple, and perhaps yet more, curiosity to see the young female preacher, proved too much for his anxiety to get to the end of his journey, and he paused.
“How often have I forbidden the use of the sugar maple in my dwelling!
In summer time, the town is sweet to see; full of fine maples --long avenues of green and gold.