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MRGLMetabolic Rate for Glucose
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Poor marginal adaptation of ceramic crowns can result in damage to the tooth, periodontal tissues and the restoration.
SPRISKA's operating performance on a five-year average basis is marginal, with key operating metrics that lag its peer averages along with the company's combined ratio.
The material system and the fabrication technique involved influence the marginal accuracy of the provisional restorations.
Interestingly, the general public is quite open to the idea of a higher marginal tax rate or a so-called wealth tax.
- The US Food and Drug Administration has granted Priority Review designation for US-based Celgene Corp.'s (NASDAQ: CELG) supplemental New Drug Application for Revlimid (lenalidomide) in combination with rituximab for the treatment of patients with previously treated follicular and marginal zone lymphoma, the company said.
The payment of Rs 6,000 will be paid directly in the bank accounts of the marginal farmers, he said.
Marginal utility of the last cotton related product goes up, because of decreased supply.
The MRP is equal to the product of the marginal product of labour (MPL) and the marginal revenue (MR) of output, given by MRxMP: = MRPL.
The paper also compares the outcomes for reliability, profits, consumer surplus, and social surplus for the optimal R&D case as compared to the case of doing no R&D, paying particular attention to how exogenous changes in the marginal manufacturing cost affect this comparison.
For this purpose in Section 2 we consider the microscopic description of the evolution of a hard sphere system within the framework of marginal observables governed by the dual BBGKY hierarchy.
Marginal Value = Cost of Incremental Output - Cost of Incremental Input.