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MTRMontreal (Amtrak station code; Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
MTRMountaintop Removal (coal mining method)
MTRMass Transit Railway
MTRMid-Term Review
MTRMuzeul Taranului Roman (Romanian: Romanian Peasant Museum)
MTRMovimiento Teresa Rodriguez (Spanish: Teresa Rodriguez Movement; Argentina)
MTRMechanized Time Reporting
MTRMedia Transfer Rate
MTRManagement Traffic Regulator
MTRManually Test a Response
MTRMass Text Replacer
MTRMagnetization Transfer Ratio
MTRMeet the Robinsons (animated film)
MTRMuseum of Television and Radio
MTRMarginal Tax Rate (How the government taxes us in brackets)
MTRMissile Testing Range (Russia)
MTRMobile Termination Rate
MTRMinistry of Tourism
MTRMeridian Township Range (various locations)
MTRMaterials Test Reactor
MTRMilitary Training Route
MTRMaterial Test Report
MTRMaximum Transmission Unit
MTRMilitary Technical Revolution
MTRMotion to Revoke (bail or probation)
MTRMissile Tracking Radar
MTRMass Text Replacer (software)
MTRMiller Tabak Roberts Securities, LLC
MTRMedical Transcriptionist
MTRMaterial Testing Reactor
MTRMaximum Transition Run
MTRManagement Team Review (various locations)
MTRMean Time to Restore
MTRMagnetic Tape Recorder
MTRMavalli Tiffin Room
MTRModule Test and Repair
MTRMagnetic Tape Recording
MTRMarine Transportation Related (EPA)
MTRMotorized Transportation Regiment (Iraqi Transportation Corps)
MTRMaximum Tolerable Risk
MTRMarubeni Techno Rubber Corporation (Japan)
MTRMummy: the Resurrection (game)
MTRMiniature Temperature Recorder
MTRMinimum Technical Requirement
MTRMontour Railroad Company
MTRMandatory Turn-In Repairable
MTRMinimum Technology Requirement
MTRMobile Traffic Recording (collects all uplink information for a specific operator defined GSM mobile phone)
MTRMonths To Roll
MTRMaster in Translational Research
MTRMilitary Training for Ratings
MTRMultiple Tablets Regimen (medical treatment)
MTRMultiple Threat Response
MTRMaritime Training Response (US FEMA)
MTRMajandustegevuse Registrister
MTRMoon Town Records
MTRMaximun Thermal Retention (Columbia)
MTRMerchandise Transfer Report
MTRMetallurgical Test Report
MTRManufacturer's Test Results (oilfield casing)
MTRMulti-User Transmitted Reference
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The plan addresses these problems by lowering statutory tax rates on household income while increasing the share of taxpayers claiming the standard deduction by 25 percentage points, reducing the corporate income tax rate and allowing full expensing of new investment while disallowing a deduction for net interest, and dramatically reducing the marginal tax rate on new business investment.
The financial impact of losing a deduction depends on the taxpayer's marginal tax rate.
There exists a large body of theoretical and empirical work on the effects of average and marginal tax rates on entrepreneurship (or self-employment), but the literature remains inconclusive.
In particular, focusing on the research issue of this study, the results reveal that one percent increase in the income marginal tax rate leads to a 0.
Another approach is to examine the top marginal tax rate, as Hungerford (2012) did in the CRS study.
For example, if $1 of compensation were contributed to a retirement plan and invested in corporate stocks, then, all else being equal, an individual subject to a 25% marginal tax rate typically would benefit more from the deferral of tax than would an individual with a 35% marginal tax rate.
Consequently, the total revenue relative to GDP could be little affected by the change in the marginal tax rate.
Romer and Romer therefore argue that to the extent the changes mattered, it was likely through the incentive effects of changes in marginal tax rates.
Strategies for lowering the rate at which income is taxed include the rationalization of taxable income between tax years in light of marginal tax rates, moving income to persons or entities that are taxed at lower levels, moving income into accounts that are nontaxable or tax deferred, and - conducting transactions in a manner that qualifies for lower rates (such as long-term vs.
In this scenario, marginal tax rates rise from 18 to 21.
Changes in the marginal tax rate of those holding land By itself, a reduction in the marginal tax rate for those holding land will affect land prices.
For this article, the marginal tax rate is the statutory rate at which the last dollar of taxable income is taxed.