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MSTRMicrostrategy, Inc (stock symbol)
MSTRMaster Mode
MSTRMinneapolis and St. Louis (railroad)
MSTRMaster of Science in Threat and Response Management (Graham School of General Studies; University of Chicago; Chicago, IL)
MSTRMulti-System Transmission Rate (energy)
MSTRMountainview Shih Tzu Rescue (Bristol, NH)
MSTRMathematical Sciences Technical Report
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There are basic modes for programming, like Master mode (FPGAs study configured data from external flash memory chip) and Slave mode (FPGAs are configured by a master processor, which is dedicated via interfaces for scanning data).
"I'll just extend out in air-to-air master mode, while [the other fighter pilots] are using air-to-ground master mode to monitor the situation on the ground," Tremel explained in September, during a panel discussion at the 2017 Tailhook convention in Reno, Nevada.
The optical zoom dual camera featured on the Infinix 5 Pro is equipped with a special portrait master mode that uses an RGBW sensor and multi-frame noise reduction technology, making it easy for users to capture the perfect hero shot.
There's also a Game Master mode, where in a DnD type setting you have a game master with custom scenarios that a group of players can play out.
Jiang said there is also a special Portrait Master Mode that uses an RGBW sensor and multi-frame noise reduction technology to assist users in capturing the perfect hero shot.
LS5BV can operate in Master mode or Self-hosted mode by providing complete UI/UX and audio system control functionality or in Slave mode where it can interface to an external MCU and expose a rich set of control APIs.
Veteran mode is more challenging as it requires tactical skills, while Master mode entails aggressive gaming skills against enemies.
As expected with an inoperative SMS, I also found that I could not enter air-to-air or air-to-ground master mode.
A fully customisable Riff Repeater lets you select any section of a song you want to play, and adjust the difficulty and speed on the fly, while Master Mode makes playing by memory more approachable and Guitarcade mini-games have been created to hone specific guitar skills.
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