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It's called mastic, it grows in particular abundance on the Greek island of Chios and its resin -- the goo exuded when its bark is gashed -- has been reputed for millenniums to have powerful curative properties.
Mastic has been a part of the island's cultural heritage since 2014, with the substance often referred to as the "tears of Chios." The name is associated with the harvesting process.
Before a group of coordinate values is checked, two parallel control lines are utilized with a 0.001 m interval (diameter of the mastic ball).
In this paper, the thirteen different groups of diatomite and basalt fiber compound modified asphalt mastic (DBFCMAM) were studied.
The company bought its initial injection molding machine in 1992, becoming the first supplier in the industry to mold mastic parts.
His experience and professionalism are the key to cleaning up the Village of Mastic Beach.
Benninghoven stated: "In the future, it will no longer be permitted to transport mastic asphalt with conventional mastic asphalt mixers inside towns and on night-time construction sites.
Malban is made from flour, sugar and mastic, all cooked in a copper pot over a flame.
The protruding, arrow-shaped ribs mechanically lock the lining to the Arrow-Lock Mastic. 713.375.3700,
Silicone mastic is used frequently to achieve a good waterproof seal between surfaces such as wall panels, machinery installation and structural fittings.
5 Elma Mastic Chewing Gum (PS3.99, 25-day supply, Fancy a novel preventative approach?