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MOOMode of Operation
MOOMaster of Orion (computer game)
MOOMulti-Objective Optimization (engineering)
MOOMy Opinion Only
MOOMUD Object Oriented
MOOMulti Objective Optimizer
MOOMicrosoft Office Outlook
MOOMatter of Opinion
MOOMutual of Omaha (insurance company)
MOOMarket on Open (investing/trading)
MOOMemorandum Opinion and Order (FCC)
MOOMultiuser Object-Oriented
MOOMarathon Infinity (computer game; oo represents infinity symbol)
MOOMothers Opposed to the Occult
MOOMutuality of Obligation (legal concept)
MOOMeasure Of Outcome
MOOMaterial on Order
MOOMPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) Over OTN (Optical Transport Network)
MOOMaintenance Operations Officer (US Air Force)
MOOMarket of Opportunities (software)
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It is purely and simply desirable at all stages in the work of upbringing and education that a young person should, as soon as possible, see for himself, attain scientific understanding and the understanding of demonstrations if the subject matter admits of demonstration, or at least work out an opinion of his own, if it is a matter of opinion.
Zare writes, "We must be willing to speak out against the threat of making science just a matter of opinion.
Whether the successful iconic buildings, in a decadent age, make up for the many failures is a matter of opinion, but the attempt to quash them with building codes and committees will not be fruitful.
Hodge seems to think that the scientific approach is like a political movement and is merely a matter of opinion.
Trudeau's funeral it surely is a matter of opinion that only Mr.
Austin called them 'Rangers' because they ranged over such a wide territory protecting colonists"); and still others are a more subjective matter of opinion ("No matter what state you're traveling to, you're practically there once you cross the Texas state line").
Much of A Matter of Opinion revolves around the process of extracting The Nation from the clutches of one-time owner Arthur Carter and then finding, with the help of Ham Fish and others, including E.
Hobson might be right or he might be wrong, but it's a matter of opinion, not of fact.
Navasky who stepped down (or up) as editor to become publisher in 1996, has written a memoir, A Matter of Opinion.
The "best" shoe is just a matter of opinion, because each toot is different and each brand offers something unique.
How much of this claim is part and parcel of AMD's long-standing strategy of not competing in the race-for-megahertz game with Intel remains a matter of opinion.