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MAWMet Andere Woorden (Dutch: In other words)
MAWMasters at Work (music production group)
MAWMake A Wish
MAWMen At Work (band)
MAWMight As Well
MAWMilitary Airlift Wing
MAWMen against Women (various organizations)
MAWMicrosoft At Work
MAWMit Anderen Worten (German: in other words)
MAWMaruwa Co., Ltd. (stock symbol; Japan)
MAWMissile Approach Warner
MAWMaximum Allowable Weight
MAWMichigan Association of Woodturners (Brighton, MI)
MAWMothers Are Women
MAWMaster Arrest Warrant
MAWMission Adaptive Wing
MAWMycological Association of Washington (Alexandria, Virginia)
MAWMultipurpose Assault Weapon
MAWMaworking (game writer)
MAWModel Actress Whatever
MAWMothers Against WASL (Washington state)
MAWMedium Antitank Weapon
MAWMedium Attack Wing
MAWMedium Antiarmor Weapon
MAWMagnesium Alloy Wheels
MAWMounted Automatic Weapon (US Coast Guard)
MAWMulticast with Any Wavelength
MAWMarine Air/Aircraft Wing
MAWMasters At War (online guild)
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Bradley James commanded a Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron (VMGR) 234 detachment that was "chopped" to the 3rd MAW, an active duty command, and deployed to the Middle East.
FDH contracts signed today or earlier at the existing MAW of $4,210 per month and food allowance of not less than $995 per month will still be processed by the Immigration Department (ImmD) provided that the applications reach ImmD on or before October 28 (Friday).
But another of Maw Maw's visions is more specific: "Girls spread out on the floor, not dead but moving, dancing, maybe.
From what I understand, Redtail does not integrate with MAW in the truest sense.
Recorder Maw was found to have watched similar "inappropriate" material on his judicial IT account.
Lu Maw performs live stand up seven nights a week from a home- made stage fronted by 20 plastic chairs in a dingy, crumbling storefront under blinking neon lights.
Applications [to increase MAW in previous contracts must] reach the ImmD on or before October 28, 2014 to allow for employers to send the signed contracts to ImmD for completion of the necessary application procedures," the statement said.
Most recently, Maw was senior vice president of Corporate Finance.
25 and 64) Maw Maw calls a wrong number that brings Virginia's cousin Delilah to town, but the nonstop tension between these two rivals prompts a threat from Maw Maw to give everything in her will to the most well-behaved granddaughter.
MAW is one of the largest privately held independent insurance agencies in its region, offering employee benefits as well as personal and commercial lines to clients across the Southeast.
MAW is to be integrated with the existing USI Birmingham office under MAW's chairman and CEO, John Williams.
COMNAVAIRLANT VFA-34 VFA-211 VAW-123 HSC-9 HSL-42 HSC-2 VP-30 VX-1 COMNAVAIRPAC VFA-151 VFA-102 VAQ-131 VQ-4 VAW-117 VAQ-140 VP-46 HSC-21 HSL-37 HSC-8 VAQ-135 HSM-77 COMMARFORCOM VMFA-122 HMH-464 VMM-365 VMA-231 VMAQ-1 VMMT-204 HMH-461 HMLA-467 VMFA(AW)-533 CG FOURTH MAW HMLA- 773 HMH-772 VMGR-234 VMR Det.