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Muscle###EMG average in Percentage Maximum Voluntary Contraction
Static muscular effort such as handgrip produces a graded response in skin sympathetic activity to the percentage of maximum voluntary contraction (8) and is similar with smaller muscles used for handgrip and larger muscles used in knee extension, whereas heart rate and blood pressure demonstrate a greater response to the larger muscle activity.
Maximum voluntary contraction (MVC) was measured using hand-grip dynamometer (Inco).
Methods: Twelve subjects performed 2 min of strenuous isometric handgrip (IHG) exercise at 40% maximum voluntary contraction to elevate forearm muscle lactic acid.
Muscle activity for the finger flexors was first calibrated to percentage of maximum voluntary contraction by having participants press down as hard as possible on the test keypad with all fingers simultaneously.
This may be the rationale behind the recommendation of the 30% maximum voluntary contraction (MVC).
The maximum voluntary contraction (MVC) task consisted of a gradual increase in force from zero to maximum over 3s, with the maximal force held for 2-3s.
A 5-sec isometric maximum voluntary contraction (MVC) was initially performed followed by three 10-s ramp isometric flexion contractions guided by an audiovisual signal.
(28) found significant changes 48 hrs after a protocol consisting of 3 sets of 12 eccentric contractions at 80% of concentric maximum voluntary contraction (MVC).
Abbreviations: CFI = Central Fatigue Index, CNS = central nervous system, EDSS = Expanded Disability Status Scale, EMG = electromyography, FES = functional electrical stimulation, FI = General Fatigue Index, GEE = generalized estimating equations, ITT = interpolated twitch technique, MFIS = Modified Fatigue Impact Scale, MS = multiple sclerosis, MVC = maximum voluntary contraction, PFI = Peripheral Fatigue Index, T1 = resting twitch force, T2 = superimposed twitch force, VA = voluntary activation level.
If the desired force was a maximum voluntary contraction, it was represented as two closely spaced vertical lines (without a limiting horizontal line), which also scroll from the right edge of the screen to the left.
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