MBGSMichigan Basin Geological Society (Lansing, MI)
MBGSMike Brown Grandstands, Inc. (Pomona, CA)
MBGSMcElroy Bryan Geological Services (Australia; est. 1970)
MBGSMetres Below Ground Surface
MBGSMoorfields Bleb Grading System (surgery)
MBGSMember of the Barbill Golf Society
MBGSMentone Boys Grammar School (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
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40 tumor-bearing mice were randomly divided into 4 groups: the control group, the group assigned to MBGS treatments only, the group assigned to radiation treatments only, and the group assigned to both MBGS and radiation treatments.
The Effects of Administering MBGS on Cancer Therapy.
As indicated, the metastasis incidence was the greatest in the control and radiation therapy group (100%), followed by the group receiving MBGS treatments (80%) and the combination of MBGS treatments and radiation therapy group (20%) (Figure 5).
Results showed a significant longer average length in group receiving both MBGS treatments and radiation therapy (35 days) (P < 0.05), followed by the MBGS only treatments group (29 days) (P < 0.05), and the radiation therapy group (28 days) (P < 0.05) compared to the control group (24 days), respectively (Figure 7).
Figure 5 shows the FTIR spectra of MBGs with different chemical compositions before and after soaking in SBF for 12 h.
Furthermore, the in vitro bioactivity of MBGs is dependent on the Si/Ca ratio in the network which, as a result of the higher calcium content exhibits the best in vitro bioactivity [2].
Ramaswamy et al., "Preparation, characterization and in vitro bioactivity of mesoporous bioactive glasses (MBGs) scaffolds for bone tissue engineering," Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, vol.
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Because of the Ti and Ag doping, MBGA and MBGT possess the faster HAP-forming ability and higher kill rate than the conventional MBG. These functional MBGs have outstanding properties and may become promising candidate for bone-tissue regeneration systems and surgery operation.
The synthesis of MBGT is similar to the synthesis process of MBG. Also, 0.5 mL of tetrabuty titanate was added into the MBG precursor solution.
The synthesis of MBGA: 0.5 g of MBG powders was added into 100 mL of 0.01mol/L AgN[O.sub.3] solution and sufficiently stirred for 2 h in the dark condition.
In Vitro Apatite-Forming Ability of MBG, MBGT, and MBGA.