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MCHMean Corpuscular Hemoglobin
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The CCD calculation uses the weighted combination of deltas of hemoglobin concentration, red blood cell distribution width, mean cell hemoglobin, and platelet count as indicated in the "Materials and Methods" section.
Keywords: Mangrove killifish, Kryptolebias marmoratus, hemoglobin, hematocrit, mean cell hemoglobin concentration, MCHC
(5), (6) Brittin, et al, demonstrated CBC parameters--including white blood-cell count, red blood-cell count, hemoglobin, hematocrit (Hct), mean cell volume (MCV), mean cell hemoglobin, and mean cell hemoglobin concentration (MCHC)--are stable in EDTA for at least 24 hours in the refrigerator.
(a) Adjusted Variable P SE P value [R.sup.2b] Fasting glucose, mg/dL 0.0212 0.0001 <0.0001 49.4% Mean cell hemoglobin, pg -0.0718 0.0038 <0.0001 50.2% Age, years 0.0021 0.0005 <0.0001 50.2% Constant 5.6890 0.1210 <0.0001 (a) Variables included and discarded in the regression analysis: hemoglobin, mean cell hemoglobin concentration, mean cell volume, erythrocytes, sex, serum creatinine, and liver disease.
Review of the red blood cell indicies reveals the mean cell volume (MCV), mean cell hemoglobin (MCH) and the mean cell hemoglobin concentration (MCHC) are all in reference range.
Abbreviations: GRA#, granulocyte count; Hb, hemoglobin concentration; HCT, hematocrit; Low PLT, less than 503 [10.sup.3]/[micro]L of platelet count; LYM#, lymphocyte count; MCH, mean cell hemoglobin; MCHC, mean cell hemoglobin concentration; MCV, mean corpuscular volume; MON#, monocyte count; MPV, mean platelet volume; PCT, plateletcrit; PLT, platelet count; RBC, red blood cell count; RDW, red blood cell distribution width; WBC, white blood cell count.