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MOEMobile (Amtrak station code; Mobile, AL)
MOEMAD (Magnetic Anomoly Detection) Operational Effectiveness
MOEMinistry of Education
MOEMaintenance of Effort
MOEMargin Of Error
MOEMinistry Of Environment
MOEMinistry of Energy (various nations)
MOEMaintenance of Equipment (transportation)
MOEModel of Excellence (various organizations)
MOEMeasure Of Effectiveness
MOEMinister of Economy (various locations)
MOEModern English (linguistics)
MOEMeans of Escape
MOEMargin of Exposure
MOEModulus of Elasticity
MOEMagpul Original Equipment (firearm accessories)
MOEMaintenance and Operating Expenses (various organizations)
MOEMantle of the Expert (teaching approach)
MOEMail over Ethernet
MOEMultimedia over Ethernet
MOEMetro Optical Ethernet
MOEMicrosoft Office Enterprise
MOEManagement over Ethernet
MOEMulticontrol over Ethernet
MOEMall of the Emirates (Dubai)
MOEMoney Over Everything (song title)
MOEMethod of Entry
MOEMinorities of Europe (UK)
MOEManufacturer Original Equipment
MOEMasters of Education
MOEMerger of Equals (investment banking)
MOEMethod Of Evaluation
MOEMetro Optical Ethernet (access piece for Ethernet service)
MOEMask of Eternity (game)
MOEMaintenance Organization Exposition (Canada)
MOEMalignant Otitis Externa
MOEMajor Organizational Entity
MOEMean Output Energy
MOEMajor Outage Event (electrical blackout)
MOEMoving Optical Element
MOEManagement Operating Environment
MOEMovement of Extremities
MOEManufacturing Operating Expense
MOEMeasure of Evaluation (source selection)
MOEMessage-Overlap Estimator
MOEMinimize Output Energy
MOEMinimum Operable Equipment
MOEMinimal Output Energy
MOEMaterial Obligation Established
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During the Civil War, the Union Army was a means of escape from slavery.
The Romantics, with their yearning for the beauty of nature, the remote and the mysterious, used them as a means of escape. Treehouses by Paula Henderson and Adam Mornement, London: Frances Lincoln Publishers, 2005, [pounds sterling]25, documents the history of the treehouse and increasingly inventive modern structures worldwide, such as those in Kerala, India, where you are hoisted to bed via water-powered lifts, or in Sweden where you pull yourself up by precarious rope.
When it starts to seep into our only means of escape, it becomes difficult to have any degree of hope for the future.
In 1791, she, her husband, children and a group of others, stole an open boat and sailed to the Dutch East Indies as a means of escape from the colony.
He had already been handed statutory notices requiring him to make the flats fit and to provide adequate means of escape from fire.
While audiences around the world have been moved by that country's hit film City of God, which chronicles the destruction of youth in the drug wars in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, perhaps equally important, as Douglas Rogers explains, is the means of escape that acting has offered these boys and young men.
"I have lost all means of escape; there is no one who cares for my life" Psalm 141: 5).
Her last book, a collection of short stories, Means of Escape, published posthumously, is a slim volume like most of her novels, but a fine example of her work.
The ants may be acting like aquatic insects that launch themselves into the current of a stream as a means of escape, he says.
Vouchers give parents of poor kids a means of escape. Who will dare to say the word?
Ideology is a joke because larger issues - issues dealing with the survival of the species - have cruelly pinpointed the artificiality of ideology as a means of escape.
In Clotel, the disruptive potential of passing exceeds its function as a means of escape in still another way: Though presented as a female activity, passing necessitates that the title heroine disguise herself not only as white but also as a man, a fact that highlights the connection between race, racism, and (white) female mobility.