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MECMountain Equipment Co-Op
MECMinistério da Educação (Ministry of Education)
MECMinisterio de Educación y Ciencia (Spain: Ministry for Education and Science)
MECModel Energy Code
MECMinistério da Educação e Cultura (Brazilian Ministry Of Education)
MECMinimum Essential Coverage (insurance)
MECMinisterio de Educación Y Cultura (Spanish)
MECMobile Edge Computing (network architecture)
MECMedgar Evers College (City University of New York)
MECMedical Education Centre (various locations)
MECMirror's Edge Catalyst (various locations)
MECMiejska Energetyka Cieplna (Polish: Municipal District Heating)
MECMayville Engineering Company (reloading equipment; Mayville, WI)
MECMedical Education Committee (various schools)
MECMedia Expansion Card
MECMultichassis Etherchannel
MECMaster Electronic Corporation
MECMultiple Ethernet Cable
MECManagement Executive Committee (various organizations)
MECMember of the Executive Council
MECMathematics Education Collaborative (Ferndale, WA)
MECMunitions and Explosives of Concern
MECModified Endowment Contract
MECMinistry of Education and Culture
MECMagnolia Electric Co. (band)
MECMitsubishi Estate Company (Japan)
MECMiddle English Compendium
MECMulti-Chassis Etherchannel
MECMitsubishi Estate Co Ltd
MECMiddle-Eastern Coalition
MECMiddle East Chapter (various organizations)
MECMedia-Edge:CIA (US advertising agency)
MECMedical Education Collaborative
MECMiddle East Command (British Empire)
MECMan Engines & Components, Inc. (Pompano Beach, FL)
MECMidAmerican Energy Company
MECMichigan Environmental Council (Lansing, MI)
MECManufacturing Engineering Centre
MECManly Environment Centre (Australia)
MECMagna Entertainment Corporation
MECMicrocomputers in Education Conference
MECMarginal External Cost
MECMuseum Education Center (US Navy)
MECManagement Education Center
MECMetropolitan Educational Council (Ohio)
MECMercato Comune Europeo (Italian: European Economic Community
MECMidlands Energy Consortium (UK)
MECMicrosoft Exchange Conference
MECMendocino Environmental Center (Ukiah, CA)
MECModel Engineering Club (UK)
MECMid East Crisis (gaming)
MECMain Engine Control
MECMaster Events Controller
MECMedial Entorhinal Cortex (mammalian brain area)
MECManaging Enterprise Content (Ann Rockley book)
MECMassachusetts Electric Company
MECMechanical Equipment Center (McMurdo Station, Antarctica - USAP)
MECMinimum Explosive Concentration
MECMaterials Experiment Carrier (US NASA)
MECMaster Events Calendar (various organizations)
MECMarforpac Experimentation Center (US DoD)
MECMaryland Electronic Capital (Maryland State Archives)
MECMain Engine Controller
MECMeson Exchange Current
MECMaharishi Enlightenment Center (various locations)
MECMaine Central Railroad Company
MECMechatronics Education Center (Columbus, NE)
MECMedium Endurance Cutter (US Coast Guard)
MECMovimento Ecclesiale Carmelitano (Italian)
MECMarin Employment Connection (San Rafael, CA)
MECMitaka Evangelical Church (Tokyo, Japan)
MECMicrosoft Enterprise Cube
MECMedical Examiners Commission
MECMission Essential Competencies (US DoD)
MECMobile Equipment Console
MECMissouri Employer Committee
MECMohave Electric Cooperative, Inc.
MECMarine Evacuation Chute
MECMarine Energy Challenge
MECModular Equipment Controller
MECMonth End Closing
MECMarshalls Energy Company, Inc. (Marshall Islands)
MECMilitary Essentiality Code
MECMaritime Electric Company, Limited
MECMain Entry Catalogue (Canada)
MECMacro Expansion Counter
MECMiniature Embedded Converter
MECMaintenance/Metrology Engineering Center
MECMinimal Effective Plasma Concentration
MECMaster Executive Counsel
MECMulti Regional Ethics Committee (New Zealand Association of Clinical Research)
MECMutual Execution of Contract (real estate)
MECMain Element Contractor
MECMarquess Educational Consultants, Ltd. (London, England, UK)
MECMain Engine Cylinder
MECMessage Error Correction
MECModulated Estimate Correction
MECMain/Master Evaluation Center
MECMinimum Essential Communications
MECMorinaga Engineering Company (Japan)
MECMisión Educativa Cristiana (Guatemala)
MECMicrogravity Environment Compatibility
MECMechanical End Connector (pipeline connections)
MECMissile Event Conference
MECMaintenance Engineer Call
MECMercury Encrypted Communicator
MECMatra Enthusiasts Club (automobile club; UK)
MECMobile Embedded Computer
MECModel for Environmental Costs
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Case fatality rate of meconium aspiration syndrome was found to be 11.5% and that of pneumonia was found to be 20% which was similar to that observed by Rubetelli et al.
KEYWORDS: Meconium aspiration syndrome; Meconium stained amniotic fluid; gestational diabetes.
The objectives of the study were to explore the sociocultural aspects including practices, perceptions, and beliefs surrounding meconium and to determine the willingness of mothers to participate in research where meconium would be used to assess exposure to environmental contaminants.
As far as good outcome is concerned, combined obstetric and paediatric care can lead to prevention and reduced severity of meconium aspiration syndrome with low complication rate and decrease mortality.
The 1st studies on the content of toxic compounds, such as narcotics, in meconium samples were published in 1989 [19].
About 12% of patients showed thin meconium and 16% of patients demonstrated thick meconium compared with 10% thin meconium in dinoprostone group and 18% thin meconium in Foley's catheter group [Table 7].
Unlike FAEE, meconium EtG is primarily of maternal origin, as EtG readily crosses the placenta and fetal glucuronidation capacity is limited (23, 24).
Meconium is a blackish-green sticky material composed of debris of intestinal cells, lanugo hair, vernix, liquor, and bile pigments [1, 2].
He was suffering from meconium aspiration syndrome (MAS), a condition which occurs when meconium or the infant's first stool is present in the lungs during or before delivery.
Primar anastomosis for meconium peritonitis: first choice of treatment.
Meconium periorchitis (MPO) is an uncommon benign cause of a scrotal mass in the newborn.[sup.1] In utero bowel perforation can be caused by thickened meconium associated with cystic fibrosis, bowel atresia, volvulus or vascular compromise.