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In another group (23%), with hypercellular or normocellular marrow and only megaloblastic or mild megalodyserythropoietic change without any other lineage dysplasia, it was not possible to separate MDS from megaloblastic anemia (MA) with certainty and cytogenetic finding except in two of them was normal.
Conclusion: Folic acid deficiency was the most common cause of megaloblastic anemia (62.
dagger] During postarrival medical screening and follow-up examinations, this population should be screened for clinical signs and symptoms of the deficiency, such as megaloblastic anemia, peripheral neuropathy, and other neurologic disorders (4,5).
These are also classic symptoms of megaloblastic anemias such as vitamin B12, but not folic acid deficiency.
Megaloblastic anemia (MA) is macrocytic and normochromic with numerous morphologic abnormalities evident in erythrocytes, including macroovalocytes, Howell-Jolly bodies, and basophilic stippling.
Stippling interferes with hemoglobin function and can indicate thalassemia, iron deficiency, hemoglobinopathy, megaloblastic anemia, and lead or other heavy-metal poisoning.
12] deficiency include megaloblastic anemia and progressive neurologic disease of the central and peripheral nervous systems.
3) Thiamine deficiency may be associated with a megaloblastic anemia (10) which, in turn, may respond to supplementation.
12], may be necessary in some cases of megaloblastic anemia (See "Megaloblastic Anemia: Vitamin [B.
A syndrome of methylmalonic aciduria, homocysteine, megaloblastic anemia and neurologic abnormalities in a vitamin B12 deficient breast-fed infant of a strict vegetarian.