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smartMelamine d.o.o., a joint venture of the German TITK Group based in Rudolstadt and the listed company Melamine d.d.
Instead of melamine containers, choose a safe alternative for your family.
The objective of this workis to evaluate the ability of mid-FTIR combined with chemometrics to detect and quantify melamine and cyanuric acid in infant formula powders.
Continuing our work on sonocatalysis organic transformations [10-12], we report here an efficient synthesis of arylmethylenemalonitrile through Knoevenagel condensation between malononitrile and various aromatic aldehydes catalyzed by melamine through ultrasound irradiation method.
Vendors say sales of melamine dinnerware are up throughout the year and sales prospects are good.
The finished faces of melamine panels look great, but the raw edges don't.
This gives an idea about the key drivers such as the rising demand for melamine formaldehyde from end-use industries and alternatives for urea formaldehyde; and restraints such as volatile prices of melamine and health impacts of using melamine formaldehyde.
The analysis of suspected food and pathological studies of kidneys of dead animals, it was identified that melamine is underlying cause of these out breaks (Chen et al., 2009; Osborne et al., 2009; Nilubol et al., 2009; Park et al., 2011).
Polymerization of melamine and formaldehyde at different molar ratios was carried out in demineralized water of 0.06 siemens conductivity at 75[degrees] C.
Different groups were fed either a high dose of melamine (600 mg/kg/day) alone for 15 days, melamine following a 4-day course of an antibiotic that killed many species of gut microbes, or antibiotic alone.
14 in JAMA Internal Medicine, the study was based on urine analysis of 12 people, six of whom ate hot noodle soup from a melamine bowl and six who ate the soup from a ceramic bowl.
Taiwanese researchers have found that hot temperatures increase the amount of melamine we are exposed to - and this can increase the risk of kidney stones, the Daily Mail reported.