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MELTMixed Excitation Linear Prediction
MELTMantle Electromagnetic and Tomography
MELTModified Eccentric Loader Terminal (Road Furniture/Crash Barriers)
MELTMainstream English Language Training Project (Office of Refugee Resettlement)
MELTMinimum Equipment Level for Training
MELTMetallic Line Testing (digital subscriber line technology)
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Once the melting pattern is broken up, the remaining unmelt is difficult to melt and results in poor melt quality.
Hot melt adhesive coating is the responsibility of AACC.
Least Cost Suitable Charge (LCSC)--An electric arc furnace formula to determine what to use in any given melt based on current prices and suitable chemical composition.
HOT STUFF--Dark shrubs absorb more sunlight than snow does, so when bushes poke above the drifts, the surrounding air warms and snow melts faster.
As melting of pellets begins to take place in the middle, transition zone of a plastics extruder, a pool of melt forms in the rear of the screw channel as a result of screw geometry.
The chocolate kisses should melt in your hand, because chocolate's melting point is lower than the average human body temperature: 37[degrees]C (98.
Several studies, some of which are listed in the references,(6-10) have been done to measure the melt strength of polyethylene resins and their blends.
For example, the illustration shows how a cavity normally fills with the hotter, high-shear melt (red) along the cavity walls and cooler, more viscous melt (blue) in the center (A).
Melt quality involves control of two basic impurities common to most aluminum melting/casting processes--hydrogen content and non-metallic or intermetallic inclusions.
Under such conditions, it takes more thermal energy than normal to increase the motion of the atoms or molecules enough to cause the solid to melt.