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MEMOMedicines Monitoring Unit (University of Dundee)
MEMOMedical Equipment Management Office
MEMOMission-Essential Maintenance Only
MEMOMission-Essential Maintenance Operations
MEMOMental Modeler (Cognitive Technologies, Inc.)
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The Foreign Ministry was instructed to notify ISESCO about implementation of the internal procedures required for the entry into force of the Memorandum of Understanding.
Minister explains the withdrawal from Memorandum"From the very beginning, out of principle I have opposed uranium mining near Kosice, so I complied with the mayor's request (from last November) and as the economy minister I have withdrawn from this memorandum starting today," Ziga noted January 23, as cited by the SITA newswire.
The Memorandum is based on the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Russian Energy Ministry and the Iranian Petroleum Ministry as part of the state support for the pipeline construction project.
Deputy of Afghan chamber of commerce and industry Khan Jan Alkozai said, APTA memorandum of understanding expired, but Pakistan is still using that rout and its goods are reaching to Central Asia.
The document was not labeled but was referred to as a memorandum in text.
The memorandum was signed for the project on the Strengthening and development of natural resources for Tajikistan's national welfare in 2014-2017.
memorandum of understanding between the National Olympic Committee of Tajikistan and Olympic Council of Malaysia.
By signing the Memorandum, the Macedonian parliamentary parties undertook to carry out continuously and without any delay and within the framework of the institutions all activities and decisions for reforms required in meeting the EU membership criteria, particularly those pertaining to the freedom of media ad expression, free and fair elections, rule of law, independence of the judiciary and fighting crime and corruption.
BEIRUT: The Gathering for Confronting Emigration of Arab Christians launched Tuesday a memorandum that stressed the need for deepening coexistence between Muslims and Christians, embracing dialogue, and rejecting sectarianism, the National News Agency reported.
A 90-day extension that expired March 30 allowed DOD officials to work with stakeholders to address issues associated with the memorandum, and a revised memorandum now is complete, officials said.
A high level delegation from Kenya, led by the prime minister, Raila Odingo, arrived in Juba on Tuesday to negotiate the memorandum with their South Sudanese counterparts, which resulted in the signing ceremony at J-One Palace.
APHA will soon have a stronger, more formal relationship with its state and regional affiliated public health associations, thanks to a memorandum of understanding now under review.