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The court found that the taxpayer was a seller of merchandise and required to use the accrual method.
Hired as a part-time salesperson for two weeks during the 1974 Christmas season at a Jeans West store in the San Francisco area, Tucker rang up $1,000 worth of merchandise for just one customer.
ShopKo's end-to-end merchandise planning process has improved because of SAS' combination of more effective planning tools and the use of standards across all merchandise categories.
Therefore, the patients' inability to direct the use of the "goods" they were purchasing resulted in the materials not being classified as merchandise, because a customer could not reasonably be viewed as a consumer or purchaser of drugs under those circumstances.
All merchandise must receive the Vatican's blessing before it is manufactured and sold, Colapinto said.
Retailers can effectively merchandise and sell music and movies to consumers with MOD Systems' content catalogues.
Jim Silver, editor of the Toy Book newsletter, said some ``Austin Powers'' merchandise may click with an older audience.
91-6, 2/4/91), which involved a determination of whether certain royalty payments associated with imported merchandise would be subject to customs duty.
Since 1998, The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), the oldest and largest collegiate licensing agency in the nation, has patrolled the marketplace surrounding BCS venues in search of counterfeiters selling "knock-off" merchandise.
Customs Service to the individual commodities involved, may provide substantial reductions in the value of imported merchandise for many corporations in the future.
BD&A), the nation's premier Merchandise Agency(SM), specializing in helping Fortune 1000 companies achieve their full brand potential, today announced the appointments of two new executives to its senior management team: Jeff Hansen as the Vice President and General Manager of its Consumer Products Division and Alison Paisley as its Vice President of Marketing.